Another anti-vaxer dies

The most vocally anti vaccine seem to incur the most karma.

Hopefully that karma extends to us pro vaxxer.


You would think by the fourth or fifth time an anti vax talk show host dies of covid that folks would go- whoa this ■■■■ is real!

So wild to watch the cognitive dissonance.

Oh no, I have been informed on this very forum that the vaccinated will not die.

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Generally, that is true but not in the absolute case. Do you speak in general or absolutes?

I wasn’t the one making that claim. You are asking the wrong person.

The claim that the vaccinated won’t die is generally true unless speaking in absolutes.

Oof. I feel your pain.

I will not die from Covid. The vast majority of the vaxxed will not die from Covid.

I will however die eventually. But it won’t be from Covid.


Let’s all hope for a full recovery.


Ugh. I hope he pulls through. Age is on his side, but he sounds pretty uncomfortable and he looks overweight. Vibes heading his way.

I’m always impressed by young people who get involved in real government at a young age. It must teach them so much real would experience…and it must be very intimidating at times. Good for them rising to the challenge young.

From the article:

n Aug. 18, the Alabama Hospital Association said that there were “negative 29” ICU beds available in the state, meaning that dozens of people in the emergency room were kept waiting for beds to be vacated for treatment, WBRC reported at the time.

Yeah, paying attention to portion size…such a simple concept, and so affective, but hard to do consistently.

I’l stuck about 4 pounds above my ideal weight.

Start of the pandemic, I was over it by about 10, and was easily able to get back to ideal. Working from home, it was easy to exercise, ramp up the running to half marathon levels, took up mountain biking, and eat 3 square meals a day.

Then in the winter, I put most of it back on as I hate running in the cold, and of course you can’t mountain bike on ice.

Come spring, I started shedding again, but back in teh office full time means it’s too easy to have a bagel for breakfast and less than ideal lunches, and of course time is at a premium for really good long runs and bike rides.

So I’m stuck.

Blood work in a few weeks. If that all comes back clear, maybe this is my new ideal weight…

Well, she got her wish. Hope she doesn’t die.

Last year, Loomer expressed a wish that she could catch COVID to prove to everyone that it was no big deal. She wrote on Parler in December 2020: “I hope I get COVID just so I can prove to people I’ve had bouts of food poisoning that are more serious and life threatening than a hyped up virus. Have you ever eaten bad fajitas? That will kill you faster than COVID.”

Food poisoning kills about 3000 people a year. In fact, I’m hoping to get food poisoning just so I can show people it is not as deadly as covid.

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Two more tempting fate and now dead.

Just plain sad.



Not only a terrible, terrible lonely death, but to know you are succumbing to the disease you publicly mocked. Must be horrible.

What a shame.