Another anti-vaxer dies

Are we allowed to start threads with tweets? I don’t think so.

His name is Stephen Harmon, and I deeply mourn his passing. He tweeted until he was intubated, and then shortly after, he passed.

I am so sad that we could not answer his questions about that vaccinations that likely would have saved his life.

We need to do better.

Please, anyone who has not, get vaccinated.


It’s hard to feel sorry for him. He’s not the first and won’t be the last. He’s a grown adult making his own decisions and dealing with consequences.

Let’s focus our attention on more important things.

Ya I don’t think this is a good way to do this, or not my cup of tea. It’s not a political issue that many are making it out to be many in the health industry are hesitant and I understand it’s new. After being infected myself as well as getting the vaccine a year after I probably have more antibodies on covid than most but I get the hesitation.

Death is death they don’t need to shame there families are already in pain and imho just be happy you have the vaccine especially if the Pfizer or Moderna looks like little chance it will get you sick.

My only worry on covid now is the variants coming in delta which is now 83% of all new cases which was imported from India. Which means we would have been right at herd immunity if not for that being brought in, not sure why we needed delta here. Not sure if they are doing anything to keep the next one out.

Why has this person been labeled an “anti-vaxxer”? Is it because they have a long, detailed history of opposing vaccines?, Or is it because they questioned taking this this new, Non-FDA approved vaccine, that has thousands of reports of adverse effects, of which no one can tell you the results of any investigation into those reports?

Does that make you an “anti-vaxxer”??

Maybe you’re part of the problem.


Here is another:

Story is tragic - he sounds like a very nice person.

Do you think anecdotal scare tactics are the key to convincing minorities and illegal migrants to get vaccinated?

The problem now is the Biden administration is seeding the unvaccinated spread via migrants from the Mexican border.

When this stops, then I will know the president has finally understood how to fight a pandemic. They destroyed trust and are not following biological science.

We need trust, not tales from the crypt.


From what I have read, they are testing migrants and offering them the vaccine.

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We have a global economy.

Not sure after all this time why people still believe we can keep virus strains out.

We “shut down travel from China” (not really), but the virus was already here and more poured in from Europe without us even knowing it.

Delta was likely already here by the time the horrible news from India started pouring in.

Right…the lambda variant is already in the US. It’s too early to tell if it will be stronger than delta though.

One thing I wish we’d hear more about (I know it’s going on) is data on the research into therapies that treat those sick with COVID.

Because it’s always been highly likely that COVID will become endemic.

So vaccines are great, but long term we also need effective therapies.




How many unvaccinated infections and deaths over the same time period?


High virus circulation.

Something wrong with the math in that article, however.

Me? Probably more.


No doubt. And probably population concentration.

With or without the Delta variant we are and never will be near herd immunity.


What about herd survivability?

They say vaxxed are 0.1% of new cases.

They comment on 329 hospitalizations being vaxxed peiple.

Not all cases end up with hospitalizations.

But let’s divide 329 by 0.001. That’s 329,000. Just from hospitalizations…so the number of cases of vaxxed people should be higher.

There have only been 715,000 reported cases in Massachusetts since the pandemic began.

So something is wrong in the reporting somewhere.