Announced One Hour Ago: ... Anti-vaccine activist RFK Jr. challenging Biden in 2024

Third Party is run is possibility. I don’t see a partnership with Trump.

The Democratic Party is blatantly rigging the primary process to give the nomination to Biden.

It’s pretty clear that the DNC does not want a primary. I don’t want to say that they want a coronation but that’s I think that’s a fair way to put it actually. Essentially they are fixing up the process so that it makes it almost impossible to have democracy function. They’re effectively disenfranchising the Democratic voters from having any choice in who becomes president, the Democrat nominee. So two of the things they’ve done today is they’ve moved the Iowa primary, they made rules that if anybody campaigns in Iowa, or any candidate sets foot in the state of Iowa or sets foot in the state of New Hampshire, then none of the votes that are cast for that candidate will be tallied. In other words any delegate that I win in New Hampshire or Iowa would go instead to the president. Now they’re trying to change it so that if I campaign in New Hampshire that none of the votes cast for me in Georgia will count. That’s significant because it’s hard to win the nomination without Georgia.

They are rigging it so that you know effectively, we are looking at the tabulations now that look like if you add up all the super delegate that they control and all the automatic delegates that just go to the party and go to the president, I would have to win almost 80 percent of all of the states in order to beat President Biden even if he only wins 20 percent…
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: DNC "Rigging" Primary For Biden, I May Need To "Look At Other Alternatives" | Video | RealClearPolitics

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As delicious a thought as it is I agree that a Trump partnership is quite unlikely. I don’t think RFK would be able to be second string to all the Trump bluster.

I don’t think a third party run would be as helpful to Trump as most suggest.

The DNC is playing a very dirty hand with him.

Yes, a likely scenario is that Kennedy would win in Iowa and New Hampshire, get zero delegates as a result, and the mainstream media will pretend nothing happened.

I would not be surprised if Biden develops a health problem after the DNC gives him enough delegates to clinch the nomination. Then the “Biden” delegates nominate Newsome as a substitute. That would allow the people who run the party to bypass voters completely.

The Democratic Party has become the party of rigged elections and making political opponents into political prisoners. All in the name of “saving democracy”.



Are you sure he’s a Dem, running against Biden?

Speaking at CPAC is one of the usual stops for reaching out to Democrats.

Oh wait no, it’s part of the Right Wing Content Creators grifting circle.

What a clown :clown_face:


It’s almost like he realized he will never make it as a democrat.

He never even tried. It was always a $$$ grift. Sad.

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This is the current theme among democrats. We must ban free speech if we are to save our democracy. The opposition must be put in jail if we are to preserve our democracy. It’s like they are reading 1984 as a how to book.

“The plan was laid out by Biden’s spokesperson, who blithely suggested banning people from all social media if their posts were deemed to be “misinformation.” She made perfectly clear who’d be making the determinations, as she confirmed that The White House was “flagging or raising” posts that Biden’s team found to be problematic so Facebook could take action against them.

The White House, a political outfit run by a politician and his partisan political operatives, wants to decide what constitutes “misinformation” and then banish from the public square anyone who runs afoul of their Ministry of Truth. Certainly, some liberals are happy about this bold stroke.“


It legitimately always felt like it was a Democrat plant to hurt the Trump thing,” Trump Jr. told a crowd of about 40 Iowans volunteering for the Trump campaign, adding, “He wouldn’t be there if the Democrats didn’t want him.”

He is going to hurt Biden!!! :joy::joy:

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Kennedy isn’t useful as their stalking horse anymore, now that it’s leaked he’s like entirely funded by some right wing billionaire.

Horses don’t stalk, they are prey animals. Not predators.

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So you’ve gone completely over the edge then. Thanks for the heads up.


I will add biology to math and reading.

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“The term is an old hunting term referring to either a real horse or an image of a horse (typically some type of screen) behind which a hunter would hide to conceal himself from, and get closer to, his prey.”

And then goes on as a term in negotiations, betting, general ploy to advance an objective for a third party, usually aimed at gullibles.

The Democrats were the gullible marks, but they didn’t fall for it.

So now Jr needs to take out Jr as things didn’t work out for them and their own gullibles went and fell for the Jr.


I liked the SB ad by the Kennedy superpac. His cousins sound like snively whiney turds to me.

et tu RFK???