Andrew McCabe: 25th Amendment was discussed by Justice Department to remove Trump from office


My opinion is that it was really stupid of them to discuss such a thing.

It wasn’t a coup, sedition, power grab or whatever people are trying to call it.


There’s no point in discussing this with you because you dismiss any logical argument for your own. Fine. But just know that what you are saying isn’t true. There was no deep state plot and it’s silly to suggest it.


First, leave Strzok and Page out of this. That’s only conspiracy theory stuff. Let’s go to the nitty-gritty. Was discussing reasons for invoking the 25th Amendment illegal, immoral or fattening? No, it was none of them. Those that whose jobs it is to protect the country had every right to do considering some of Trump’s actions. The meeting in the Oval Office with Russian officials is, in my mind, the biggest evidence of issues with Trump. The FBI and DOJ had every reason to look into that. Notice, I said look into that.I did not say overthrow. Any other idea about sedition, etc., is garbage.


Can’t speak for anyone else, but if career DOJ and FBI officials had grave concerns about the possibility that a Democratic president was compromised by the Russians, I would expect them to behave the same way. I would cheer them on, in fact, in a New York minute. Even if his name was Barack Obama. Believe it or don’t.

I’ve read countless comments about how Trump asking Whitaker to put Berman in charge of the SDNY investigation wasn’t attempted obstruction, because Whitaker didn’t do it. Go ahead, ignore that it was unquestionably improper to weigh in on the specifics of ANY investigation, and illegal to attempt to influence one in which he is a target. Then get back to me on how a discussion of the pros/cons of employing a Constitutional process was high treason. (Note: please show your work using the relevant language of the Constitution, not fever dream paranoia.)


Fair enough.


If you don’t look at what was going on at the DOJ at the time they were talking about the 25 amendment, talking about wearing a wire and talking about who in congress to go talk to than you are just burying your head in the sand. Page and Strzok are not conspiracy stuff. Strzok was probably in on discussions about the 25 amendment. And there was already a special council to look into any dealing trump had with Russia. It was all already being looked into.
And what they did could be look on as an attempt at a coup. You have to open your eyes and take off the political blinders. What they discussed and did was wrong. It is not their job to try to remove a president from office. And it is not their job to bring up removing a president from office.
That job belongs to congress.
This is not just an of they talked about it so what. This is a this is not within your power. And I believe there need to be some serious changes in the DOJ. They need to be reminded what their duties are and they need to be stripped of a lot of power.


There’s no burying going on. It’s been talked about over and over in this thread. There was no “sedition,” “rebellion” or any other such nonsense. It’s the job of these people to protect our country. That’s what they were doing. That’s what they did after 9/11.


No. It is plotting. Lining them up. Wearing a wire.


I would love to see it.


It waa absolutely sedition. There won’t be any jury, they are above the law.





Rosenstein was in the DOJ 27 years.


There won’t be any jury because what they did here was not against the law.
Otherwise Trump’s DoJ would address this sedition.


The ■■■■ it didn’t. A lie by omission is still a lie.


There’s only one person above the law and that’s the king.

There’s only one reason they won’t be prosecuted. No prosecutor is dumb enough to think this would be sedition.


There was no ommission.

It was in the footnotes.


And after 25 years of unblemished service, he suddenly became a power-mad anarchist with no regard for the rule of law.

Almost unbelievable, how much of that there is going around…


I’d find it hilarious, just like the nutters who tries to claim Obama wasn’t president because he was born in Kenya. Was that sedition? No. It was hilarious.

Or it was hilarious until you elected one of those nutters as president. Now we are having serious discussions regarding his mental competency.

The only reason anyone would be upset about this is because it’s too close to being plausible.


It’s the same kind of “logic” that was used on Strzok and Page. Anything that’s against the mythical “deep state” gets wrapped in.


What evidence, note the word, do you or they have or had at anytime since he took office that the President is or was unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office?

None. The 25th is designed for when the evidence is already present. Not because you want it to be.