An extremely detailed map of the 2016 election

Interesting to take a look at your neighborhood, or wherever you want to look. Only commentary is that before certain types get too excited, rocks and trees don’t vote.


really really cool map and very instructive
the voter island and one sided place finder is a nifty.

This is a very intriguing map. Thanks for the link to this.

its great to see the detail by precinct showing that almost everywhere in the US there were both Clinton and Trump voters. almost nowhere was a shutout

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Absolutely. It will be interesting to compare this map to the 2018 election results as well. To see what shifts there will be.

its also a perfect visual representation of the utter stupidity of those who had in the part argued for state secession in the modern age


all that red… no wonder it was the russians…

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What was remarkable to me…is even in areas where blue pops up…you scroll over that county and while the area in blue is part of a county…you find that many times the COUNTY itself went for Trump.

Furthermore, you find out that this is why more than ever an electoral college is needed. East coast, West coast and Chicago in many respects would control the outcome of the elections in almost all cases.

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Cows don’t either.

Spent a lot of time this morning putting in zip codes of all the places I’ve lived in the last 61 years. Not one of them came up a Trump district. :slight_smile:

Here is the accompanying article if anyone is interested.

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i view it as quite the opposite. this map shows that the electoral college is antiquated. popular vote would count all of those votes in county and yet look at how many votes are useless in California, Texas, Nebraska, Maryland, Hawaii

The states should each split their delegates as a percentage of the votes in that state. If that were done in 2016 Trump would have lost and places like Texas where Hillary got 43.4% of the vote and Arizona where she got 45.4% would have contributed plenty.

That is the change to our Presidential vote that I think would be most beneficial.

As OP pointed out, rocks and trees don’t vote.

I was messing with it this morning. It really is a slick map.

Wonder if Trumpsters now think Trump got 93% of the votes based on the amount of red?


I know most people do. It’s an argument (debate) worth having. My feeling has always been if it is straight up voting…The big cities and urban islands up and down the east and west coast would always have a massive influence over the rest of the country. I always look at the Electoral system…as not the popular vote of the nation…but you have 50 elections you have to win the popular vote in. How is that antiquated. There are so many path’s to Victory. Think about 2000. All Al Gore had to do was win Tennessee. Sure there were other path’s…but his home state kept him from winning the election…If he wins Tennessee…Florida is a distant memory of old retired people who couldn’t count. but would have bore no weight on the outcome of the election. Problem was Gore was blown over in Tennessee, but had he won his home state. We wouldn’t even be talking about this as Florida 2000 was a huge springboard into the electoral college debate.


i do see your point on the many path but how would should they not have massive influence? the population is there, most of the countries GDP is gained from there. ast it stand now because of the way the EC is half a dozen state have all of the power; PA, FL, OH for example. literally million of people voting on the east coast and west coast have 0 affect on the actual result.
look at NY, over 2.8 million people voted for Trump yet their vote has no influence on the election.
California, over 4.5 million voted for Trump
WA had over 1.2 million

in all three of those instance close to 10 million votes where irrelevant. 15% of all who voted for Trump. how is that not ignoring and reducing their influence?

ToT mentioned proportional EC representation and it may very well be the only reasonable compromise

I saw it earlier today. It’s a really good, interactive map.

I would like to see an overlay of education, wealth and health. I’m sure the reddest areas would be the the least educated, poorest and sickest.

Batman. That’s what I see in this Rorschach’s test.

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there are 2,208 billionaires on the planet. can we get just ONE of them be Batman???