An extremely detailed map of the 2016 election

I’ll accept the possibility that Trumps people set up situations where he gets to beat up “criminals” while he wears a costume, but i dont think Trump is a billionaire.

So a rancher in Montana making 30 grand or so a year but enjoys the outdoors like riding horses into wilderness, snowmobiling in the winter, fly fishing its streams and rivers, hunting etc.

Is he uneducated? poor? sick?

Sound to me you’re classic New Jersey snob.

Actually, I’m originally from Brooklyn so I suppose that makes me a Brooklyn snob.

$30k a year, even in Montana, is low income.

That was my point was it?

Is he poor, uneducated and sick?

I wasn’t commenting on the uneducated or sick part for your hypothetical person, but, that being said, many of the reddest counties have all those characteristics. It’s been studied ad nauseam.

Or maybe it’s way of life they prefer.

You may call them poor…but they my think it’s living life.

In LA there’s few pockets of Trumplican support, Bel Air and Beverly Hills…and one small pocket where the Church of Scientology is located.

Yup, all that and probably a Trump voter too. Sad.

And this is why fly over country don’t like you.

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What a crap post.

I live in a pretty nice area, supposedly 50th highest median income in the country according,to Wiki, high percentage of college grads, and it’s pretty dark red.

Lake Forest, IL is also. There are some very wealthy towns that are very Republican. But I’d guess more Rockefeller Republicans than Trumplicans.

i don’t think fly over country is real wild about Asheville, NC.

I’m in unreconstructed Trump Davidian territory.

My condolences.

I love you man.

I think Trump fits the definition of a Rockefeller Republican. There not my cup of tea

He is more of a Goldwater Republican.