“He speaks perfect English!”

They certainly do have strong character…they just react to the world differently then we do.

And I’ve read that extreme honesty is a typical trait. So @Cynic has backpedaled now on these things. So its moot.

Nonsense. Everyone needs a little dignity. I’m not going to withhold that from him. Backpedaling is nothing to be ashamed of.

And every troll needs a bridge.

I don’t think he back pedaled as much as you and @Cynic didn’t agree. If you have an opinion and he has an opinion. They are neither right or wrong. Nothing to back pedal away from right?

That’s freaking hilarious that you posted this to yourself!!

OMG, do it again!

That’s funny…messed up again. I think it’s these ads. As they come up on my phone they make the posts jump. And as I push my phone screen I push the wrong response. I’ve had this issue on my phone for months.

It is a kind of harmless but fitting justice.
Reminds me of what happens to people who try to bring down our president.

Yeah… we’ve been on opposite side of the debate more time then I can count over the past decade and yet hes never let go of his beliefs, morals, or values because an orange maniac gives him tingles in his leg…

Thanks…i think

It’s a compliment, I swear!

It’s the tingling leg thing. I never know how to take that. Lol

Ah, would it help if I explained that I dont think that you, unlike certain other posters, got that feeling?

Nah I get it. Lol…its just the expression. I never know if a leg tingle is a good thing or a bad thing?

Show me one.

Trump is a moron.

work camps?

Electoral college is not a lib con disagreement.

Sleeping thought 2000 and 2016 results?