After declaring a National Emergency, Trump goes to Florida to golf?


Yes… Trump is cool.

And if dems are back to bashing his affairs, it shows they know the Mueller probe failed and need some new stuff…


That’s called “lying to his base, to their faces”.


Yes, by saying that Trump is a serial adulterer that has to mean an investigator has failed.


Serial adultery is cool, to Trump supporters.


I bet Republican Media, as they spent decades pounding certain things into their audience’s heads, didn’t stop to think that a dude like Trump could come along and use the same words and burn conservatism to the ground.


Not much of a defense.


Slow news day I see.
Might want to stick with the “orange skin, big hands, fatso” meaningless sour grapes, pooh pooh, TDS sentiments. The other is simply a pageant of falsely exaggerated shock that you don’t really feel, in order to show that you think something is morally wrong. It’s an outdated ploy.


That would be a ridiculous expectation to have.

Which makes this straw man…ridiculous.


You’d be on much better footing here if Trump hadn’t the #1 Bigliest Whiner on the subject of Obama’s golfing. It’s not warming over a complaint - it’s pointing out Forrest’s laughable hypocrisy.


Golf became cool when Trump became President.


I think the bigger questions are:

  1. Should the president be paying himself taxpayer money to vacation? Because that’s what he’s doing every time he vacations at one of his resorts, which he does frequently.

  2. Given that he just declared a national emergency, and that we are being directly invaded at our southern border by drug pushers, rapists, murderers, gangs, etc., doesn’t it seem a bit lackadaisical that he isn’t in his office, making deals, sitting with lawyers, and military brass, and contractors doing the work? After all, when he ran for president, he said he wouldn’t have time for vacation or golf because he’d be too busy doing the work of the nation.


I’m not seeing which of those national emergencies he declared involved a literal invasion of our southern border that is causing rapists, murderers, and drugs to flow into our country, is costing the lives of countless Americans, and is draining the US economy so badly that we MUST take monies allocated elsewhere to build a wall as quickly as possible.

Which of those national emergencies do you believe is similar?


Manning a spotting scope and radio.

All hands on deck.



What, and get his tiny, perfectly unused hands dirty?

Please. He’s never known a real day’s work.


Trump doesn’t get his hands dirty. Maybe one of the illegals he hired at one of his resorts can get their hands dirty for him.


You don’t do discussion on a discussion forum? That’s odd.


We multitask.


Its difficult to discuss how Trump supporter’s have done a 180 in less than 3 years.

From 2009 through 2017, it was all anger, venom, loathing, and fire breathing over Obama either going on vacation or going golfing. Wasting tax payer money, etc. etc.

From 2017 forward, as one poster put it “golf is cool”. I mean, how does an ardent Trump supporter discuss vacations without sounding like a hypocrite?


The short answer is they can’t.


Not care?