After declaring a National Emergency, Trump goes to Florida to golf?


You don’t do discussion on a discussion forum? That’s odd.

What is your definition of a discussion forum? Do you believe this forum fits your idea?


Yah…I hate being corrected by a dumb con.


Anyone know what Trump shot over the last three days during his self admitted pretend national emergency?


I don’t think this faux emergency is enough for impeachment, though this writer appears to.


How many rounds did he get in? More than 3?

My best guess is he shot on average 96.

My best guess is on average he wrote down 87.


No way he honestly shoots under a hundred.


I dunno. I think he lies like a rug on his scorecard.

But his swing is actually not crazy bad.


What is your definition of a discussion forum? Do you believe this forum fits your idea?

Do you believe in the first amendment?


Yeah. He can take vacations like every other president. He’s good at them. The goodliest. Best vacationer ever. Believe me. Really folks. Think about it.

And he should be good at it since he’s taken more vacations and works less every day than any before him.

“Executive “ time, lotsa golf, you and I paying for him and his pack of ass kissers to stay at his hotels and play at his golf courses… yep. He can take vacations.


That’s the funniest part of this whole deal. People on this very board are paying for Trump to lay around and watch TV.


Yep. And doing it so enthusiastically. I have never seen a group of “conservatives” so unconcerned about waste, fraud, and abuse.

Heck… I remember several years ago they were shrieking about it at rallies.


We have to stop thinking of these people as conservatives. There are maybe 3 on this very board.

The vast majority of all of them are simply run of the mill republicans. They’re not conservative.


I wouldn’t even say Republicans.


Indeed. The intersection both by population and ideology used to be so great between conservatives and Republicans that i had no problem using the words fault interchangeably.

Not so, any more. Trumpism has taken over the Republican Party.

Trumpists and Republicans are very nearly the same, now.

Conservatives are a distinct and separate thing.


So what? He stayed in the WH all through the Holidays. He works all the time, hasn’t had a real vacation since becoming POTUS. He needs a break now and again. Everybody in this country has leisure time. Even when working on difficult things. He is only human.

He is the POTUS and he has done more for this country in his short time in office, than all other presidents put together. He will make sure our country is safe, notice under his time so far no terrorist attacks like we had under Obama? Know why? They know he won’t stand for it and more will be banned from coming here.

We have a crisis on the border and the reason that too many don’t realize it is because the Left owns the Main Media and the message. Nobody is seeing the thousands of mostly men, headed this way. If everyday, pictures were shown of these mass caravans and people heard what was going on daily, they would agree with him.

Ignorance is not bliss. Not knowing is going to bring bad hardships to this country.


He plays golf almost every weekend.
He spent 2 weeks at his Bedminster Country Club.

Tax cuts for rich. Check.
ObamaCare repealed and replaced. Nope.
Built wall. Nope.
Hillary in jail. Nope.

The terrorist who killed 50 people in Las Vegas. On Trump’s watch.

The number of people crossing into the US has gone down. Where is the crisis?


His job was to obtain the money according to promesses. He works hard for that and yes, like everybody,
he need to let steam out. Better on a golf ball than on you or me. I heard that the work is going well in the south border, do you agree ? Talking about volume, over 600,000 interventions on the south border is showing a darn need for action, don’t you think ? Gerry


You won’t like the results. Start matching.


Congress already appropriated the money. Under a national emergency declaration he can use every dime remaining of the military’s construction budget and use both civilian and military resources to construct the needed barriers.

He can also do a “budget sweep” for money leftover from canceled projects, over funded projects etc.


Everybody got a tax cut, not just the rich.

As for the one year drop in apprehensions, that wasn’t due to any lack of focus on the border. There was a substantial reduction in attempted illegal crossings in 2017 due to many factors not the least of which was his campaign rhetoric.