Addressing the elephant in the womb


The law disagrees


They seem to forget that both are part of the Organic Laws of the United States and that the purpose of The Constitution was to protect the rights as outlined and defined in documents like the DOI.


No it doesn’t. In all but one state there are laws limiting when abortion is legal.


Well that’s just stupid on it’s face. Nice try.


Yes it does. Women are allowed to have abortions in all 50 states


With limits as determined by law.


Then we are saying the same thing. I have merely pointed out that her choices begin much sooner than the choice for abortion. How supportive are men in her earlier choices? Or do they change her choice to ‘sex or goodbye’? How many give her the choice of paying all her medical bills should she become pregnant and helping to support the child for a minimum of 18 years? How many choices does the man involved give the woman?


Don’t abet the apron tugging.


Horse hockey, if that was a fact then abortions would never be legal yet that isn’t the case.


You do have a point there.


Exactly…so those who have feelings that they do not approve of abortion have the law on their side in that no one is having the law force them to have an abortion. It is their CHOICE. Just like it is your choice to not have an abortion.


No, their choices to have an abortion are limited by law and those limits have been repeatedly held up as being constitutional.


You are the one who went on about when sex is right (in your opinion)…“sacred” I believe is a word you bandied about.


Where does it say “human life from inception”?


So fetuses aren’t treated like bodies “unable to defend themselves” otherwise it would never be legal


It puts no limit on when “life” is a right. Life begins with the first division.


I am not the one who linked this argument to the 2nd Amendment, my dear.


How they are treated is irrelevant to the fact they are humans unable to defend themselves.


The constitution pertains to american citizens. Is a fetus an American citizen?


No, you’re the one making the idiotic suggestion to give them guns in the womb.

The basis of the 2nd Amendment is self defense, it’s not just about guns.

Guns are not even mentioned specifically.