Addressing the elephant in the womb


The answer always depends on the situation.


Unborn do not have rights.


No, the law gets to make that determination. We are a country of laws, not feelings.


Brilliant observation. How did you divine that all on your own?


And the law disagrees with your feelings on the matter


If that were true all laws restricting abortion would be unconstitutional which of course they are not.


The law agrees with most of my views on abortion.


Fact, not opinion.


I’m glad you acknowledge that abortion is justifiable.


In some cases it absolutely is, in others it is not.


I do not know where you are getting that. I have merely pointed out that women make many choices along the way to the choice of abortion. Earlier choices led to the later one.

I am certain you understand that no one is making those choices but the woman herself. Or, do you consider her robotic at those stages? I certainly do not.

On the other hand…do men who want sex want to control women’s choice in that regard? “Come on, let’s do it, it will be fun, we will enjoy it. And if a pregnancy results, I am prepared to support you through the pregnancy, pay any medical bills, and then support the child for eighteen years, perhaps even through college.” Now, if a woman says, “No worries, I’ll just have an abortion,” that’s one thing. But how often does the man offer her the choice?


Does the law allow for the mother to make the decision or doesn’t it?


True. In 99.9% of cases it is, and the others it is not.


No. I am pointing out there are options. Isn’t that what this discussion is about? Options? Or are you saying that women should have sex and abortions based on your beliefs?


There’s that statist position…“It isn’t just ‘her body’.”


In some cases yes, in some cases no.


Everything in the Constitutions supports Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.


It’s simply a fact. There are at least two bodies involved and one of them is completely unable to defend itself which is where the state becomes legitimately involved.


What we’re saying is that women should act according to their own beliefs, not yours or mine


So, give the fetus a gun since this is an 2nd Amendment issue.