Addressing the elephant in the womb


The constitutional protections are not limited to citizens.


I said there were two ways of viewing sex–as sacred or recreational. That in itself is a choice. Or, are you saying there is only one way to view sex? If so, then to me, it sounds like you are the one who wants control of sex, not me.


In fact, in MOST it is not.

When people try to spin someone’s admission of justifiable self-defense into a blanket statement that it “acknowledge(s) that abortion is justifiable,” it’s deliberate intellectual dishonesty.


So there should be, as some are hoping for, a serious criminal investigation whenever that “person”, even from the first division, is lost?


So, illegal immigrants have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in America?


That certainly begs the question of anchor babies…now we are on to anchor fetus’?


Horse hockey. If true the state would be compelled to protect those “bodies unable to protect themselves” but strangely enough they don’t


An opinion you are entitled to, however the document is not subject to revision thankfully.


Nope…I am not at all for governmental control of sex OR women’s bodies.


It’s absolutely true, read the document.


When does life begin? As I’ve pointed out many times, there are stages to every life. The Constitution does mention a right to life. Are you thinking that the Founding Fathers meant that the right to life begins at age 18 or 21 when one becomes an adult?


It sure looks like that what he’s saying


Point out even one who has so much as hinted that. (Your personal projections notwithstanding.)


Please show where in the Constitution it says life begins with the first division. I can’t seem to find it


Once again, science determines where life begins.

“Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” are not even mentioned in the constitution.


I am not speaking of government control. I am speaking of women’s choices (plural) and pointing out that those individual choices build on one another. (No government involved in them.)


Well when you claim abortion is murder, I would imagine that you would want to criminally investigate if a woman lost her baby outside of her doctor’s “command”


The law disagrees with your interpretation of that determination


Point out once – even just ONCE ever – where I claimed that.


No it wouldn’t. Miscarriages are common and unless someone reported to police such as the attending physician following one that they believed it was due to an intentional act no investigation would be warranted or even justifiable.

These are completely spurious and ridiculous distractions, nothing more.