Addressing the elephant in the womb


Anyone else notice the oddity of the situation with the students from Kentucky?

A tax-exempt religious organization made up of celibate MEN sends a school of BOYS to a POLITICAL rally in Washington D.C. to protest in favor of controlling WOMEN’s bodies.


I think staged events are lame too.


As I said in the other thread, a good amount of these boys will someday pressure a girl to get an abortion. I take the opinions of a pro-life teenage boy about as seriously as Dr. Phil’s weight loss advice.


Women are scary.


And are men who put them in desperate situations. But boys will be boys.


Every abortion results in at least one human life snuffed out.

It’s not about the woman’s body, and you know that.

As for the “celibate MEN” and “BOYS protesting” canard, there was a full mix of all genders and demographics at the march for life.

Everyone is entitled to elevate awareness of the biological truth regarding abortion.


But we both know these boys care as much about abortion as they do children in Yemen.

They’re pro-life until they get an undesirable girl pregnant.


Fair enough. But don’t ignore the truth of the pro-life message that was espoused by adult men and women at the march for life – some who were prominent doctors and biologists and people with all thew necessary grivatas – simply because a teenage boy also supported it.


I take actions louder than words. Plenty of “pro-life” people get abortions behind closed doors.


They got a trip to DC. I’d pretend to protest abortion if I were a kid stuck in that school, just to get out one day and see DC.


OK. And … ??

You’re focusing on a kid who happened to get caught up in the media crossfire.

AND you’re making a rather sweeping generalization.


And … ??

Does someone’s hypocrisy change the truth that a human life is snuffed out with every abortion?


I doubt Bodecea “knows” that but I am certain you “believe” that. And Bodecea believes something different. How can we have a conversation if we deny the reality of what others believe in.

Jewish belief is that life begins when a person draws their first breath. Catholics believe life begins at conception. Both are long held, traditional views grounded in ancient religion. Why should either party seek to impose their view on the other?


And make a bunch of laws against it, but it won’t go away.


Maybe many. Maybe most.

You can’t set yourself up as their judge. (Well, you can’t do it honestly, anyway.)


I don’t doubt it.

Biology proves them wrong.


Yeah, I wouldn’t count on thousands of years old texts to educate me on biology.


Can we agree that schools shouldn’t send kids to a political event like this when they are too young to develop a proper stance on such an issue?


Which “political event” are you referring to? March for Life? (There were multiple rallies occurring simultaneously, and the incident the schoolboys ended up getting wrapped up in – specifically the native american chanting – wasn’t even what they were there for.)

And PS: no, I can’t agree with you on that.


I for one agree with this. I went to a Catholic School and we never attended any sort of political events. The closest we came to this was raising money each year for Catholic relief.

As another poster said, the kids werent intersted in the rally they just wanted a day out of the school and who can blame them.

When I see kids acting holier than thou and all preachy when it comes to politics and religion it looks weird and is weird. Just let kids and teenagers be teenagers. I am sure they just parrot what their parents believe.