According to MSNBC if I play the new hogwarts game I’m financially supporting a transphobe

It looks like all it takes is to buy the biggest PC game ever and you’re in the targets of the new trans puritans.

“By buying, playing, streaming and promoting the game, you contribute royalties to J.K. Rowling, and inadvertently financially support the anti-trans movement.”

“There’s no amount of pandering or creativity that can distract from the damage the Potter franchise’s creator is doing to the trans community.”

Seriously why did the left take all the worst aspects a southern baptist church and make it there thing. The left has become the new fuddy duddies aka fun sponge. They have literally set up a database to report twitch players to try and get them cancelled.

All over a Harry Potter video game. The creators even made a trans character Zi Runkiddies it didn’t tone down the hysteria.

Yeah, I decided quite a while ago that I am going to separate the artist from their work.

Also, I don’t really believe in cultural appropriation.




Genocide Simulator :thinking:

It’s a little late to think about defunding Rawlings, as she is the first writer billionaire already.
They compare this to boycotting chic fillet. If they are no more successful with Rawlings, they’re not in luck. Once again I had to wait in a long line of cars to get service today.

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This whole argument is raging all over reddit, twitter etc.

I will be playing the game but no desire to pay full price. In a few months I will be able to get it at a reduced price.

as much as I disagree with Rowling, Avalanche and the devs will benefit far more from purchases than Rowling will.

Some were hoping you could use the dark arts in the game to slaughter wholesale everyone in Hogwarts. They were wanting a GTA style HPU game.

The day they called for a boycott it was so crowded that they provided a policeman to direct traffic locally.

They started running out of food to sell.

Very successful boycott. :grinning:

Sign me up!

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Rowling actually says a lot of the same things as others like Bill Maher who aren’t getting nearly the same pushback. It’s just that she’s so damn annoying in almost everything she does. Agree with her or not, you have to admit she’s pretty unlikable.

In case anyone wants to play this nifty-sounding game, here’s the link:


I rarely buy direct from steam. Prefer to buy a key from reputable websites.

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I paid full price for Hollow Knight ($14.99), but only because I was itching for a good Metroidvania (I liked Ori better). Just about every game in my library was at least 50% off. I also keep a lookout for British gamers throwing around the locations of freebies. lol


Hollow Knight is such a good game . I have it on both Switch and PC. And now i will let this thread get back on track.

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I’d play it if I cared about Harry Potter, since I also do a lot of separation from artist and their work, especially in the case where Rowling is the creator of the property but not the game.

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If you’ve ever watched Record of Lodoss War, I highly recommend checking out Deedlit in Wonder Labrynth.

I’ve been really into Metroidvanias this year. The middle-age nostalgia is real. lol

ETA: oops, wrong gaming thread. Yes, back on topic. :rofl:

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What a game ori is!

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Your right It is all over Reddit and Twitter. I heard the worst is TikTok but I am not going there. Looking at the reviews I am going to have to get a copy

Where do you suggest I only used steam and cog this past decade.

I like CDKeys and Eneba. Never had any issues redeeming keys that I purchased. Plus I use PayPal and my credit card so more than adequately protected.

Make sure you are redeeming a US or global key and if you use Steam make sure that it a steam compatible code. Both sites make it easy to check that.

Currently CDKeys has Hogwarts Legacy Steam code for $48.00.

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