A true piece of garbage just won the Republican runoff primary for Georgia's 14th Congressional District

Marjorie Taylor Greene, an open racist and QAnon believer and general all around piece of ■■■■ won the runoff primary for Georgia’s 14th Congressional District, which covers the extreme northwest corner of Georgia. As this district consistently votes 75% to 80% in favor of Republicans across the board, her election is, sadly, assured.

The House Republican Conference has a choice to make when Greene shows up in January to take office. They cannot keep her out of Congress. But they can refuse to admit her to the House Republican Conference and force her to sit as an Independent in Congress, denying her a seat on any committee and shunning her as a whole. She has been repeatedly condemned by the House Republican Leadership in the hope of derailing her candidacy. But now that she has won, Republicans need to shun and isolate her to the maximum extent possible, shutting her as much as possible out of the legislative process.

The 14th District must be reconfigured during the 2021 redistricting process to force her to run against a strong Republican who can ensure that her tenure lasts exactly 2 years and no more.

Unfortunately, this shows the true danger of having isolated rural districts. A better effort should be made to weave suburban areas into rural districts as much as possible, to prevent the nomination of loons like Greene. The 14th could be easily adjusted to pick up more moderate Republican voters from the Atlanta suburbs and break up and outnumber rural voters.

Who are we trying to kid?

Not only will she take her seat in House, she’ll probably start a new caucus group.

We can call it the “Super Freedom Caucus” until they come up with something better.


Republicans in the House worked very hard to finally get Steve King ousted. I think Greene will be roundly condemned.

Greene is an open racist. Not concealed. I think they will work hard to get rid of her, just as they worked to get rid of King when he started going hyper with his ■■■■■

It took decades for the GOP to eject King.

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It won’t take that long this time. I think redistricting will greatly assist in removing Greene.

Any other compliments you can think of. Are you saying that everyone who voted for marjorie is a racist Neanderthal? Your opinions may have been tainted with hatred. But what do I know. Was Marjorie in the Navy?

I hope we can someday put the racist card down and be a real nation. Peace, Bos’un

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Have you watched her? Are you going to back her beliefs? Do you believe that she should be the face of your party?

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Don’t know her bro. But I am.not into throwing the voters under the bus. I thought there was a lot of good residents in the state that may be Republicans. Why is the hate dripping from the OP. If Marjorie is worthless then she will loose anyway.

But the op threw all the voters that thought she may have something to offer under thr the racist bus.

I am a little concerned that we have sports bar politics. I am worried about our republics survival.

Take for example, when riots destroy Chicago businesses and liberals say the ends justify the means, I am alarmed.


No tainting here. She’s a racist loon.

Ok, so she will lose. Big deal.

She will not lose.


Then what is the commotion about? Oh I thought you say she will lose.

Same kind of ■■■■ I see posted on Facebook by the conspiracy nuts on my friends list.

People are idiots.

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You seem to be a cancel-culture junkie.

BTW. What has she done that marks her as a racist?

Oh I see. Libs lose another one cry and fuss.

Trump will win in November. Maybe Biden will storm 1600 Pennsylvania Avene and refuse to leave because he thinks the election was stolen from him.

We are Going to have another fun filled four years till Halley takes the election four years from now.

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Calling a Jewish person, even someone like George Soros, a Nazi is over the line. That’s the most egregious statement I’ve seen her make although some of the other stuff are definitely things I wouldn’t want to be associated with.

Maybe she would not want to be associated with her critics :thinking:

I am waiting for Halley’s comet in four years after Our President completes his second term.

Probably not. Most people don’t.

I’ve seen a few people going overboard on her comments about gangs in relation to black men. Personally, she’s not wrong with her statements on the subject, although I think she’s over-generalizing.

Biggest issue with the black community is a lack of positive male role models and men walking out on their kids. It’s rampant.

On my paternal side (my black family, maternal side is white) of my family I can count two who actually had their biological fathers stick around. The rest of us? Dads split either when we were born or after a few years. My dad was there for my mom for about 3 years, of which 8 months of that was being deployed. But when I was about three, he split. Our contact has been very limited since then. Most of my cousins have went through the exact same situation. As did a good percentage of my black friends in the school years. It was something we all just expected to have in common.

I got lucky that my mom’s parents decided to raise me. My mom wasn’t really willing to try very hard to raise a son and honestly, she wasn’t equipped for the task. Boys need stability and most importantly a good man to emulate. Single mothers can’t provide that, hard as they try.

One more thing. The generation of white kids who came after us in our community… they started going through the exact same crap. Fathers bailing and walking out. White America is succumbing to the exact same poison that has devastated black America.


You brought up a very good point. Thank you brother.

Wouldn’t a simple solution be for moderate Republicans to vote for the Democrat candidate in 2020 and support the Republican candidate in 2022?