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he makes racism the issue to reduce racism, he creates the narrative,

create a password and read. it is good to think for yourself. try it.

Are the European Roma discriminated against, or did Soros invent the narrative out of thin air?

Do you dislike Soros because he’s rich, or because he’s jewish, or because he’s progressive.

because HE IS PROGRESSIVE. because he is the most influential man in the world.

Portfolio Review Document: OSIFE in The Netherlands
OSF’s work on discrimination in the Netherlands started in 2007 with a research and advocacy initiative on Muslims in EU Cities, later known as At Home in Europe (AHiE). In the second half of 2012 the Fund to Counter Xenophobia (Xen Fund) launched its grant-making activities there and in 2013 the European Civil Liberties Program (ECLP) and the European Elections Project (EEP) supported their first projects in the country. OSIFE’s work in the Netherlands came from different angles all with different aims and not with a single strategy and narrative: it was not fully conceived as a coherent portfolio with an underlying strategy. There were, however, some shared and converging assumptions. OSIFE is now striving to align its work in the Netherlands integrating the lessons and experience gained through the work that has been done.

That’s some mighty fine cut and paste. Now explain how Soros is actively promoting racism, please.

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In your own words, please - based of what you linked to, against whom is Soros promoting racism, and how?

the report is 250 pages, it came up in another posters thread on soros.

it lays out a strategy to combat populism and nationalism based on race baiting.

Against whom is Soros promoting racism?

his political opponents, it is a narrative he uses to promote open borders

Who are his political opponents, and what race are they?

This is a very specific and very easy question, given your accusations. Against what race is Soros promoting racism?

he promotes a racism narrative, he accuses others of being racists. Trump is a good example.

You can’t answer my very simple question because the link you provided offers zero evidence to support your assertion. Why are you afraid to simply state what you believe in? Who is Soros racist against?

Your thread has failed miserably, you are awarded no internet points this evening, and may God have mercy on your poor soul.


We don’t need Soros to know Trump is racist…

answer went over your head again

question what does OSF support.

You’re joking, right.

nope, not at all.

so the SPLC is a soros brand.

it all comes together.

https://the-hypnotic-communist.com/george-soros-southern-poverty-law-centers-big-four-define-and-then-blind/ try this

how do you know, do you work for him