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If I recall the great Messiah Obama gone to Black liberation theology church for couple decades…who happens to be antisemitic.

But that didn’t stop certain group of people from voting for that individual now did it?

you make it seem like some people are ultra hypocritical.

surely you jest

I’m willing to concede an evolution in those values. To continue with the church analogy - I believe the overall decline in church attendance in America over the last several years is indicative of a decline in trust of organized religion and its legalism/dogma. It’s an error to presume it means a corresponding decline in belief of deity.

Likewise, if white supremacist groups are experiencing a decline in membership, it’s indicative of a decline in the trust that they have anything beneficial to offer a believer. It is an error to presume it means belief in white superiority is on the decline.

article does not address that, I just asked if anyone knows the numbers.

So what happens to the next generation in both cases?

Speculation on my part. There’s no way of knowing.

I think the pendulum is as likely to reverse course after Trump, as swing further towards fringe extremism on both sides. I’d like to believe the former will prevail, and there will be a return to intellectualism and realpolitik, and away from banal celebrity worship, trite jingoism, and populist movements.

can you support your assertions or are you just blathering

Just blathering, feel completely free to disregard.

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I think we do know. I think history tells us.

I disagree, but I hope you are right.

anti muslim, hate crimes were on the rise under Obama, Obama must have been a racist.

Headline Obama incited crimes against Muslims.

try to look it up.

intellectualism of the left promotes racism

Can you support that assertion or are you just blathering.

Your link is broken. Can you provide a synopsis?

Now it says I need a membership to access the article.

Synopsis, please?

soros open society strategy on promoting racism.

That sounds fascinating. Does it say why Soros is openly promoting racism? What’s his end game?



read it,

On May 9th 2013, Zeljko Jovanovic nominated a shared framework to enable OSF to amplify its Roma through coordinated multi-level activities that engage multiple OSF programs and tools to align laws with public policy, empower Roma voice, and decrease anti-Roma discrimination and violence. Two upcoming opportunities—including the implementation of the EU and governments promises regarding Roma considerations as well as the upcoming 2014-2020 EU budget plan— present a timely moment for OSF to take OSF’s investment on Roma issues to the next level.
JEKHUTNO will be pursued through three (3) intconnected goals that build on OSF’s Roma work and which would continue to advance structural, cultural and policy change at the state, the Roma and the gadje (majority society) level:

  1. Policy and Legal Change & Implementation (“Closing the Gap”) 2. Amplifying Roma Voice & Bargaining Power 3. Combatting Xenophobia and Anti-Roma Sentiment in Majority Populations



We anticipate that OSF-DC will participate in most approved Shared Frameworks due to the breadth of US government activities, funding and influence. We have the following views on approved and proposed Shared Frameworks and are discussing others. Jekhutno/Roma – OSF-DC welcomes this proposal. Jonas and Adna would support this work in DC. While clearly not a central actor, the US is an observer in the Decade of Roma Inclusion, Secretary Clinton made several widely praised statements on Roma and the Congressional Helsinki Commission follows and speaks out on Roma issues.

Work Plan, International Issues: Other Areas – Obtain Senate consent to ratification of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities; Seek US funding for health services for marginalized populations and promote human rights in healthcare settings (e.g., US pressure to close drug detention centers in Asia); work to reverse the congressional ban on syringe exchanges; promote US policies and negotiating positions supporting access to medicines; institutionalize US engagement on Roma issues; pass the Foreign Prison Conditions Improvement Act; engage US diplomats on open society issues at the UNHRC and oppose any congressional restrictions on US membership; work to develop new US policies toward the Kurds.

Other Areas of Work/Collaboration with Other OSF Programs in 2014: US Programs/Fiscal Equity and Gun Control, Information Program/Access to Information, OSJI/International Justice, Human Rights Initiative/disability rights and LGBT issues, IWP, AOSI/prostitution pledge, Roma Program.



We will aim to counter xenophobic populism – in close collaboration with OSIFE – in European election campaigns and in the next European Parliament.

From 3. FEALTY TO FIELDS AND PLACES: We calibrate OSEPI’s investment according to the size and significance of the opportunity. Sometimes investments have to be long term, such as our slow but persistent advocacy on Roma and Burma. II. Extend the highest European standards in enlargement and Eastern neighbourhood countries: Anti-discrimination: The EU pushes for effective anti-discrimination legislation and its implementation. The EU supports national Roma integration strategies in Ukraine, Moldova, the Western Balkans and Turkey through its funding. IV. Protect fundamental rights, achieve inclusion and equality in the EU Roma policy: The EU raises the ambition of member-states to tackle Roma exclusion and develop monitoring mechanisms to improve implementation of national Roma integration strategies. Anti-Roma prejudice: The EU officially recognises anti-Roma racism and defines it in similar terms to the Fundamental Rights Agency’s working definition on anti-Semitism. Roma education: Member-states enforce school desegregation; promote greater parental involvement; and support families by enrolling all disadvantaged children, including Roma, in mainstream quality early childhood education and care.

That is talking about reducing anti-Roma prejudice in Europe, gun control and fiscal equity in the US, and international rights.

Please direct me to where it shows Soros actively promoting racism?