A leading voice

The Southern Poverty Law Center, SPLC, is a leading voice in the white nationalism narrative.

what it does not address is numbers of adherents. it is just assumed this mindset is afflicting a large number of people.

yet the graph shows a 30 percent decline in groups. America then is less racist.

it seems numbers of Antifa and white nationalists have not been determined.

yet anti-Semitic attacks are up 50%. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

A decline in church attendance does not mean atheism is on the rise.

A decline in membership for organized hate groups does not mean racism has declined.


link? do you have one

it seems you cannot address the issue, links and data please, you cant find it to support your claims.

Jews make up only about 2 percent of the U.S. population, but in annual FBI data they repeatedly account for more than half of the Americans targeted by hate crimes committed due to religious bias. The Anti-Defamation League identified 1,986 anti-Semitic incidents in the U.S. in 2017, up from 1,267 in 2016, and also reported a major increase in anti-Semitic online harassment.


Here’s my zelda on the issue. I confused the states. It;s 50% of the targets, rising whatever that percentage is…30-40%?

You made the claim that a decline in hate group membership means there is less racism in America.

Can you explain in more depth what you mean by the above, highlighted statement.

Do we know why the number of groups decreased? Did people turn away from this ideology or did smaller groups just merge into larger ones?

thank you for the article, but how does a pro jewish state guy, get blamed for a rise in Farrakhan.

All power to the deflector shields!

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Straight out of the Soros, media matters, playbook.

ask Farrakhan about Jews.

The goal of this forum is to promote and enhance the views and reputation of our esteemed host. I wonder how he would feel about this post?

Do you doubt racism has declined?

I’ll rephrase what I already said - I doubt that a decline in hate group membership rates is reflective of a decline in racism.


Do you believe racism has declined?

You want to expand the conversation? Okay.

How would you like to set the parameters - as in, do I think social acceptance of institutionalized racism and violence has declined from the days of Jim Crow laws and regular lynchings (e.g. 1920s-1950s)?

Your choice.

Are we really talking about institutionalized racism though?

That was why I asked if you sought to expand the conversation out.

The OP is discussing the membership rates of hate groups, and declaring that a decline in membership is evidence of a decline in racism. I disagree with that contention, just as I disagree with the notion that a decline in church attendance automatically translates into a decline in belief in deity.

However you want to do it then.

I think it is a potential indicator, of many, in both cases given we are herd animals.

Do you believe in a generational reduction as a result in drifting away from organizations with those values?