A 'Golden' Opportunity For Liberals

Did you make up that 5 mil a year number? It’s not in the article.

:rofl: You didn’t read the article.

But the program, which started with 10 beds, has since been expanded into a 20-bed program that operates out of a former hotel in Tenderloin with a $5 million annual budget, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

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Thanks. Then there is this

“San Francisco health officials say the program has saved $1.7 million over six months in reduced hospital visits and police calls made by participants who previously heavily relied on emergency services. Officials said that after clients entered the program, visits to the city’s sobering center dropped 92%, emergency room visits declined more than 70%, and EMS calls and hospital visits were both cut in half, the Chronicle reported.”

And this

“City officials have previously said that just five residents who struggled with alcohol addiction had cost the city more than $4 million in ambulance transports over a five-year period, with as many as 2,000 ambulance transports during that time, according to the Chronicle.

The San Francisco Fire Department has spoken positively about the program, telling the outlet the managed alcohol program “has proven to be an incredibly impactful intervention” at reducing emergency service use for a “small but highly vulnerable population.”

Which is nonsense.

“Thanks”? After accusing me and orhers? No apology?

You already covered that part, so there was no point in me doing it again. I just brought up the part you skipped.

I asked you a question. I didn’t accuse you of anything.

Again… “it’s nonsense” is not a compelling rebuttal.

Honesty Watch™

Quote me accusing you…

I’ll wait. I’ll also wait for a more compelling rebuttal than “it’s nonsense”.

Neither is nonsense.

MOD pizza was cute…and a bit of a fad…I think they got the idea from Kramer on Seinfeld.

Subway sandwiches suck. Maybe that is the problem?

If you think so, you are ordering the wrong stuff on your sandwich. Probably the wrong bread too.

Nope…Their bread sucks…but hey…if you like it…keep eating it.

I will go elsewhere…

You’re supposed to chew the bread, not suck it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep your day job Sam. ;–)

I’m retired. I do whatever I want.

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And that’s why we have lots of consumer choices!!

It can’t possibly be the policy, it has to be someone working in consort with those evil Magats to subvert all the wonderful things Biden is doing. :rofl:

Well, if you actually believe that, why aren’t you running to grab one of these distressed properties and becoming a gazillionaire using your Marxist sensibilities to run it?

If you were to make a huge profit, wouldn’t that conclusively prove your theory on what’s happening?

Shock and surprise!

It seems now $20/hr still isn’t enough, and now they want a $30/hr wage. Didn’t even take that long to happen. Weeks.

Look, a minimum wage job by definition is one that will never ever provide a life for you or anyone else. Never has, never will.

So how about instead of raising the minimum wage, we instead create an economy that generates better jobs? You know, an economy that creates jobs in meaningful work instead of one that only creates jobs stocking shelves at the local Walmart?

Can we try that for once?

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