A 'Golden' Opportunity For Liberals

Sick of corporate greed?

Tired of corporate America screwing over the little guy for profit?

Here’s your big chance. Right now in California, scores of fast food franchises like this one are getting set to close shop due to the new fast food wage law.

Since they are closing, you should be able to purchase said franchises for dirt cheap.

And with your vast knowledge of Marxism, you should become instant gazillionaires running these places as you see fit (within reason of course, you still have to follow the rules of the franchise or they will give you the boot).

So how about it? Ready to put your money where your mouth is, and start a new gold rush?


Not really an issue that bothers me. Some businesses will close, others will survive. Would not bother me if I had to pay an extra couple of dollars for a cheeseburger.

Looking at the website of the business in the news article looks like they have just over 60 locations so closing a couple to bring them under the threshold is probably a good business strategy for them. Nothing I have seen tells me that the entire business in the news article is closing up witg every location being shuttered.

I have no idea if this $20 minimum wage will work long term but kudos to California for trying.

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Owner in that link is a real dirtbag.

Imagine planning to close your doors on day one but deceiving your employees like this:

He said, 'Alright, on the schedules, we’re going to run smaller crews. We’re going to do smaller shifts, but we’ll be able to make it work. We’re going to raise some prices but we’re good," said Navarro.

I’m not gonna take someone like that at their (secondhand) word.

The assistant general manager, Monica Navarro, told Action News it was because of the wage increase, saying the owner told her he could not afford the new salaries.


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Yeah that also crossed my mind. The owner should have been honest with the employees.

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If he’d announced he was closing, would any equipment have been destroyed by ticked off employees? I don’t know the whole story but he may very well have been protecting his investment without any additional loss to the employees. It’s the government sticking their stupid ass noses in business they know nothing about that is the real “dirtbag” IMO. If you artificially raise minimum wage, eventually this raises the prices of everything else and nothing was accomplished.

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Because you live in Indiana?

Trying what? Trying to turn a part-time, temp job into a lifetime of dependence?


It’s not the gov fault.

That was precisely the point I wanted to make.

The commie Newsome and those who vote with him are responsible for this destruction.

It is double stupid since market forces are moving in the same direction just slower for a smoother transition.


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I can’t disagree more. I don’t think there’s any excuse for purposely closing overnight without telling employees. Just ain’t right. This guy hasn’t earned any benefit of the doubt.

It isn’t just franchises that are closing their doors.

There are a lot of individually owned restaurants that have to close their doors. Small towns where a $20.00 per hour wage isn’t feasible.


From fox news:

“He did blame it on the minimum wage increase. Although, from my understanding, I think we were exempt from it because of the amount of locations that he personally owns. But, he did ultimately blame it on that increase,” she said.

The law only affects restaurants that have 60 locations nation wide.

$20?!? who the hell can live on $20 an hour?!? especially in California where everything is expensive outside of Bidenomics. raise it to $1,000,000 salary per year.


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I wasn’t aware of that. Thank you for the clarification.

And tons of those voters are going to say, “It doesn’t bother me…”

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There were articles recently of pols who were saying that $20 wasn’t enough. It should be $50.

So the principle in your facetious post has reality out there already.

of course. the new restaurant that i just purchased is not subject to the 20 buck minimum wage. id pay my workers whatever the market will bear to get good hard working employees who get a fair wage in exchange for the work


Well someone not living in California is not impacted by what California decided to do and even if they do not sgree with it there is nothing they can do.

If the majority of Californians think its a bad idea they will vote in representatives who wil reverse it. This is they system we have.

You make my point.

Calif isn’t going to change its voting trajectory. “It doesn’t bother me…”

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Or maybe its because the majority think its a good move.