A devastating question to the Left and the NeverTrumpers.



So it can prove I didn’t do it.

You do realize there’s no way to commit a murder without leaving evidence, right?


IMO the hiring of Mueller was to deflect from their crimes.


Like I said, Trump has worked you good.


Does that have to do with Hillary’s pay to play?


Definitely, Rosenstein and Mueller both covered up the Uranium One scandal.


No, a lack of evidence still cannot “prove” anything.

At least not in any logical sense.


Why are you attacking me? Is that the best you can do?


The law isn’t logical? We may have found common ground. :wink::+1:


Of course the law is not logical - nothing is logical in the real world.

The law does the best it can in an imperfect world.


Literally nothing is stopping Trump’s DoJ from doing something about it. What’s stopping them?


So what happens if you charge me with no evidence?


I feel sorry that you view that as an attack.

Benghazi is not the same as Mueller. In fact, it’s the opposite.

Trump is being treated so kindly by the Dems that it’s sickening. All because of some unfounded fear that his die-hards would kill some folks if the Dems don’t handle this gently. I don’t think they would, so it’s annoying how gentle libs are being with Trump and his followers.


The charges will be dismissed, or the jury will aquit.

An aquittal is not “proof” of innocence. It’s a lack of evidence of guilt.


This was indeed a devastating question but not for the reasons that you conjured up in your head


I’ve not heard that euphemism for “ass” before, but I see your point.


“Have you stopped cheating on your wife with pornstars yet?”


You’re nothing if not reliable.


Well no. I can’t. Not if I want to keep my dream alive of one day becoming an evangelical Republican President.

Wouldn’t be prudent to stop.


Has the devastating question been asked yet?


Link please.