A devastating question to the Left and the NeverTrumpers.



Yes. The left has been lashing out since 11/9/2016.


No it wouldn’t. There’s still an election next year.

Remember Benghazi?


I’m not going to play your silly game. My mistake, it won’t happen again.


I didn’t say it was. But it can be.


Asking the question “Is this a debate tactic that normally works for you?” is making it about the poster? WTH man?


Got it.

Apparently there are a lot of tough guys on this forum that consider asking a tongue-in-cheek question to a drive-by poster “lashing out”. Good to know what company Im in…

Good grief.


Ok, whatever you say.

I have no idea what you’re talking about, but you do you.


The Democrats think they can stop the storm that’s coming, Lisa Pages testimony revealed Obama’s DOJ told the FBI to not press charges on Hillary making Comey and Linch liars.


I’m having a hard time parsing this sentence.

A lack of evidence cannot - in any situation - “prove” anything.

That’s why the burden of proof is on the accuser - the positive claim.


No, I don’t consider that lashing out. More in general. The behavior is every bit as bad as the republicans during the Obama years.


Are you denying he made it about the poster, simple question that require simple answer. Yes or no?


Yes, it can. It rules out. If there is zero evidence I committed a murder, I didn’t commit a murder.


Take the high road.


Some of the Democrats lied to protect their criminal enterprise.


Thanks for the clarification.

To some degree, I can agree, particularly with some of the pundits on TV. And I flat out condemn yelling at the opposition out in public when they’re having dinner, with their familes, etc. The deal pulled on Tucker Carlon’s family was just beyond the pale… and I can’t stand Tucker.


Not to mention tiger maps in a private dacha.


She inadvertently exposed Obama administration involvement.



If that’s what you consider “lashing out”, I don’t even know what to say…


If there is no evidence that you committed a murder, either you didn’t commit a murder, or you didn’t leave any evidence.

I’m not talking about a legal standard, I’m talking about logic.


And the FBI/DOJ.