A devastating question to the Left and the NeverTrumpers.




“Lashing out”?


Why not post the full video? It doesn’t exonerate her but at least it’s not an open hit job. I’ll bet you haven’t even seen it.


Are you saying the left hasn’t lied, mislead their followers with Trump collusion theory?

And we are now seeing that no such thing existed but made up theory to damage Trump after he won when he shouldn’t.

What’s going to happen for it all boomerang back at you if Barr does his job? What will be said about him from like of CNN and other left-wing propaganda sites?

As for Trump tower in Moscow…so what. He was private citizen trying to make a buck.

He shouldn’t have lied. It just gave libs more ammunition for their fake collusion story.


Who give a ■■■■ about my spelling.

It’s all you have…


Because I didn’t want to.



I wasn’t commenting on your spelling. I was commenting on your delightfully histrionic description of my post.

As far as I know, you spelled “lashing out” correctly.


Why is that funny?


Conan, how in the world is that “lashing out”?

TheDoctor was right… exactly what the OP did.

Maybe I should ask… what do you define as “lashing out”? Because TheDoc made an observation, then asked a question.


The fact that not one action has been taken against Trump is proof enough that if there isn’t evidence he’ll ride out his term.

Honestly even if there is evidence he’ll probably ride out his term. The GOP has made it pretty clear that unless the much rumored video footage of him with a kid surfaces, they’re not going to move against him. He’s too popular.

I also think it’s debatable if that video DOES surface, anything will be done. But maybe.


Or proof he didn’t do anything illegal.


Thats exactly what Im saying.

Can you give me a link to Mueller’s report? You seem to have it on hand, and I can’t find it (wasn’t even aware it was out yet). See, this is the problem. Literally none of us, not the general public, nor the politicians in DC, have any insight into what findings Mueller;'s report will produce. But here you are, claiming it’s all a story. You seem to believe you know the truth, lacking the actual evidence. Think about that…

And no, if the Mueller report does not put forth evidence of collusion, the left isn’t going to suddenly turn on Mueller… You guys already pulled that trick :wink:

As for Trump Tower, so what? Heh. You were just going on about leftists being lied to, and here you are admitting he lied, and you’ve got no issues with it. Speaks volumes, don’t it?


No. An absense of evidence is not evidense of absense.


Read the original post. Would you consider it lashing out too?


Because he made it all about the poster.


If he hadn’t done anything illegal this investigation would be over and we’d be scrounging for the tapes where he says the n-word, had a hooker piss on Obama’s bed, and punched Melania in an elevator.

But believe what you want. No matter what the outcome, he’s Kavanaugh’d you good by this point.


Accusing others of “lashing out” is making it about the posters.


I’m not sure I follow your logic.

How does me “making it all about the poster” in your eyes translate to “lashing out”?

I responded to a post on a message board. I did not insult anyone, or violate any rules that I’m aware of.

I apologize if I hurt your feelings, or those of the OP. It was not my intention.


It can be and most often is.


I personally have never thought impeachment was a good idea, nor Have I supported it overall.


I’ll rephrase.

The absense of evidence cannot be “proof” of anything.