A devastating question to the Left and the NeverTrumpers.



Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff have said recently that they won’t seek impeachment against Trump unless strong evidence turns up against him.
This seems to have displeased some on the left. Think about what their reaction to this news means. To some on the Left, they want Trump impeached even if there is very weak or no evidence at all against him. And in fact this extends to the Mueller investigation and all other investigations against him.

This raises a startling question to be posed to the anti-Trump crowd: Would you want Trump convicted and or brought up on charges even if you KNEW the evidence against him was falsified?

Astonishingly, many on the Left and the NeverTrumpers would answer Yes to that question.



I’m sorry. I’m too devastated to respond.


This is a baffling thread.

You appear to have pulled a “question” out of your imagination, and then decided what the answer is - and magically assigned that answer to your opponents.

Is this a debate tactic that normally works for you?


I may just go kill myself now. Thanks for the devastating question…


No and no they wouldn’t.


How many exactly is “many”?



What is the “devastating question”?

I think Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Adam Schiff have adroitly and expertly handled the “impeachment” question. There couldn’t be any better response for Speaker Pelosi than that which she made, and frankly, Trump isn’t worth “it”, impeachment for what is known with certainty at this point.

Luckily, no movement on impeachment will proceed without Speaker Pelosi’s approval, no matter how many House Democrats might wish it would, even for those who would wish it, allegedly, with falsified evidence (not that there would need to be any).


i think the voters are gonna “impeach” Trump during the next election.


As a Never Trumper, I feel I can speak for all Never Trumpers and say “You got us! We’re now devastated!”



I’d be happy to see him serve out his first term and then be publicly shamed for the rest of his life. I just want an adult in the WH.


I’m not sure why (no really…I’m actually not sure why), but this thread suddenly reminded me of the “Yellowstone eruption is imminent” thread. That was an awesome thread.


I can’t help noticing all the deflection here.

The fact are left has been mislead by their party masters, they know they have been lied to. The fact that they have taken in those lies to be the truth…so one cannot accept they have been abused/used.

Easier to just lash out.


No, if Trump didn’t commit a crime he shouldn’t be convicted of one. Duh.


I have no party masters.

Nor have I deflected.

I certainly have not been mislead, despite all the Left and Right lying to me in an attempt to mislead.

Lash out?


I haven’t done that either.


It’s like Ben Shapiro himself came in and owned us all.



No sane democrat would.


I believe the current count in the Washington Post fact check is that Trump has lied to the American people 9000 times. That is devastating.

To my knowledge Robert Mueller has not lied to the public… that’s what happens when you keep your own counsel.

So, let me get this straight, I am supposed to be upset with Robert Mueller.


I’m finding the people that think they are so clever to be very annoying today, lol. Must be because I’m home due to what’s basically a snownado and this is what’s passing for entertainment.


Funny how your not worried about how many times Washington compost lied to you. :wink:


What lies?


Almost as funny as your goalpost move