A devastating question to the Left and the NeverTrumpers.



I would reject lies from the Washington Post happily but someone needs to provide contrary facts.

This whole thread built on projection. I see Trump’s opponents waiting as the case is built; I see Trump’s fans chanting “Lock her up” and discarding the presumption of innocence casually But in this thread Trump’s opponents are accused of wanting to convict without evidence.

Trump lies constantly, but in this thread his opponents are liars.

Our legal process moves slowly and that seems to be the main line of defense for Trump; that it does not move as quickly as a crowd chants “Lock her up.”

The Republicans brought an impeachment case against Bill Clinton that fell apart, because impeachment is a political process, not a legal one. Now Republicans are taunting Democrats for not doing what Republicans do. What possible value would there be in a trial in the Senate where the outcome is a foregone conclusion.

There are people who believe in the rule of law and people who believe in mob rule and circuses. We have different values.


Every time you ask that…they never get with anything concrete.


What is the “devastating question”?


Deflection doesn’t require support.


What the hell are you talking about.

A guy posts a BS OP, disappears, we don’t take it serious(as it deserves)…and we’re deflecting. :joy::rofl: :rofl:

Get real.


Or maybe he doesn’t take the replies seriously and moved on…it’s what I do.


Bears repeating. Sounds like the OP already has their presumptions in place.


I’m so devastated I think I’m going to return to what I was doing before I read this “devastating” question.


At any rate, I’d personally just as soon Trump remain in office as a reminder to what a horrible decision some voters made during the 2016 election cycle. Hopefully, with that daily reminder in place, more people will get out to vote to rectify the situation, and then January 20, 2021 can be the end of an error.


I was about to take you to task for speaking for me but dang, you nailed it!!




Devastating question? No. Dumb OP? Absolutely.


Wait, what? You just fantasized an absurd question, gave an answer to it yourself, and then proceeded to assign this absurdity to most of the people you view as your political opposition? Is this a joke thread?

I’ll pose a question back…

Rock solid evidence is found that Trump murdered someone prior to taking office. He is on tape admitting to the crime. There is video proof of the crime. And the forensic evidence is unassailable. Would you demand that the investigative team all be taken out back and shot, and the evidence destroyed? Their families also murdered so they don’t raise a fuss? The cover-up completed to protect the man?

Astonishingly, many Trump supporters would answer Yes to that question.



But … but … but… you see, the much more relevant question is what happened to Hillary’s emails…

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m so devastated I think I need to go watch Captain Marvel again.


That isn’t why you move on.



Well that is just untrue. Seek out better sources of information.

With the small exception of a minority few, the overwhelming majority of the Democratic Party, and 100% of the Party Leadership, has said they will not pursue impeachment unless there was an abundance of evidence presented that would determine that as the only way to move forward.

It is the CEC that continues to promote this fallacy that the Party Leadership is secretly plotting to impeach Trump. No one paying attention has been misled, certainly no one in the Democratic Party.

Sure, some of you Trump supporters have been misled by the CEC, as evidence by your lack of understanding of reality here, and promoting a blatant falsehood.


Well, that’s fair, as no one took his OP seriously…you know, since it wasn’t a serious OP.


Pretty good. Needs more URANIUM ONE!!!


:joy: :joy: Ya, :rofl: Ya, :rofl: :rofl: I’m sure that’s exactly what you’d do. :rofl:


Are you serious? Are you just making stuff up?

Projection of Always-Trumpers’ greatest fears and suspicions about their Messiah?


Which party masters ran on impeachment, which ones promises it?


What the hell happened to the OP? Another drive by?