A devastating question to the Left and the NeverTrumpers.



No, I would not


Ask conan, he seems to have the pulse of this kind of poster. :wink:


This was probably the 847th most devastating thing I saw today.

Ranking somewhere between having to stop and get gas on my way to lunch and my coffee shop being out of chocolate croissants this morning.


If this doesnt sum up trump supporters i dont know what does


You should cherish the fact that we are small majority here. So quit your bitching.


Small majority? That contradicts what you said in the meeting of the minds thread…id honestly say the number favor people who don’t like like trump. Like liberals and actual conservatives


I’d say this board reflects the broader society pretty well. About 40% or so support Trump. About 60% or so don’t. But that doesn’t mean it’s 40/60 conservative/liberal. There are a LOT of us conservatives and a LOT of former Republicans here that don’t support Trump. Add us in, and it’s more like 65%-35% right-leaning posters versus left-leaning posters.


Aren’t you more happily cherishing the fact that you’re a small minority that anyone will listen to. :grin:

Man, you just walk right into that. :hugs:


You can’t deflect from someone’s imagination.



I really used to believe that the majority of these people/posters were in on the kayfabe. Now I see they’re just simply marks.


Unquestionably. Many of them are simply useful tools of people with an agenda that is not in the interest of the country or the public at large. Some with an agenda more nefarious than others. Some simply with an agenda of profiteering off of the marks.


You have to admire the effort that went into it.


No and ive never heard anyone suggest otherwise


Question for you Conan.

You recall when this all began shortly before Trump winning the election? You remember his (and campaign member’s) responses when asked about any connections to Russia, starting all the way back in 2016? They all denied any connection. Of course now, we know that couldn’t be further from the truth… it seems damn near half of them have connections to various degrees.

You remember his response when first asked about the Trump Tower meeting? Started out as “never happened, it’s a nothing burger”, then “it was just about adoption”, then, “OK, so we talked about some other stuff too, but just with this one Russian lawyer chick”. Turns out there were far more in attendance… another lie.

You recall his response when first asked about building a Trump Tower in Moscow? Flat out denied it at first. Then comes forward and says “I decided not to do it, I wasn’t trying to hide anything”. And now we know that’s all a lie.

That’s just three. I could go on all day for the remainder of the week pulling examples, but I think you get the point.

Conan, it’s not the folks opposed to Trump who have been lied to. It’s you… his base. And he told the entire world this when he was campaigning. The whole quote about “I could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and wouldn’t lose voters” was not a statement against his opposition; it was Trump declaring how gullible, naive and sheepish his supporters are. And, by God, you guys have gone all out to underscore it. You all are so committed at this point that you’ve convinced your own selves that your only option is to continue moving forward with him, rather than pausing and taking stock of the amount of damning evidence revealed against him nearly every day. And we haven’t even seen the Mueller report yet, nor what the SDNY has in the oven. You guys have been mislead, not the opposition.

Your post is #10, which means 8 people responded prior to you. Most said they didn’t want to see him impeached (I don’t either), a couple made some laughs. Literally no one lashed out. You have a real bad habit of projecting in your posts, FWIW.


You were saying something about lashing out? lol…

Seriously, tell us the post in this thread (must have been between 2 and 9) where you saw someone “lashing out”…


Lazy. Whats the answer?


Solid response.


The answer to what? The imagination of the OP?


Maybe not all were leashing out but are you denying they were deflecting?

As you can clearly see this poster was lashing out…as you can see right out of starting gate he was making it about the poster/OP.


She can explain it to her constituents like Feinstein did to hers: