52% Approval rating



Here’s Rass’s write up following the election. His final polls had Hillary +2.


Yes, in other words, this was a speech bump that will evaporate within a few weeks.


Yep assuming he does what he normally does… which is break promises


Hmmm…how did they fare in the most recent election this past November? :thinking:


All he had to do it just keep being himself, in a plethora of ways.


Yes. Consistently pushing this. Including the Daily Mail article linked in the OP.


Makes sense now.


Yep. He also was telling his listeners to check it out on Drudge. Presumably to make it seem like it wasn’t coming from him when they mention it.


Approval polls are so stupid. They talk to 1,000 people, and then extrapolate it for the whole country as it if means something.


As a single data point, sure. But when taken in total, over established timeframes, accurate trend lines and predictability potential progresses proportionally.


You realize you have said just about every nationwide poll is stupid. That’s about an averagle sample for them all.


And that’s why polls now count. That will change if his numbers go down.


Up from December , down from October. By meaningless amounts. You are really digging here.


It does mean something over time as an aggregate. But cons never seem to grasp this. Hence the op.


Would the OP have started a thread if the approval rating was only 50%?

Me thinks not.

In other words those in the 50% category, for or against, didn’t matter to the OP until that last 2% showed up for Trump. But that 48% that doesn’t approve still doesn’t matter at all.

Ah well, that just mirrors the president.

“What have you done for me lately.”



Every other poll from the past week (and there were several) are 39-42%.


RCP had his average as 42.something this morning. FiveThirtyEight has him at 40.


Weird. Neither of those numbers are like 52 at all.


Maybe I need to squint when I look at them?


Not true. 42 is almost identical to 52. You just add 1 to one of the numbers. So really, being off by 1 is pretty insignificant. Might as well say it’s off by 0 because 0 is only one off from 1 as well. So really it’s exactly the same.