52% Approval rating

Gosh, even after the shutdown and a never ending assault by the MSM, and Obama’s old Intel and justice people. I want to thank “clapping Nancy” and the dental hygienists for helping him.

Everyone now know which is the party of open socailsim and open Borders.


Ah, Rasmussen. Carry on.

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Rasmussen? Lol.

I love how hard you guys are celebrating when the +10 Republican poll that only calls lines people don’t actually use anymore still says that half of America hates his guts.


Yes… but he hasn’t broke 50% since his inauguration speech. And he just did after the govt shut down for the wall.

And now the dems are coming up with ideas, and revealing themselves as odd ducks…

Which is what dems said during the election…

Rassmussen only calls land lines.

Gee, I wonder what that would do to the results?

That is not true

Look at the graph… He’s hit 50% but this is a break out…

Trump is Cool…

He was at 51% in April 2017 with Rasmussen.

He just had a 19 point net swing in less than two weeks. Rasmussen is not credible.


…and 76% of everyone approved of Trump’s SOTU.

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He has been as high as 59% with Rasmussen and 51% as recently as November. You are wrong.


State of the union and dems opening their mouths. It’s obvious to everyone the dems care more about illegals than Americans… and it’s so chilly.

Ras predicted the election… I’m sure you still believe the NYT polls…

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Not since his inauguration speech… But feel fine to nit pick, away. The last few months the MSM and Mueller’s Enron hacks have thrown the sink at him and he’s got a better approval…


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Among a heavily Republican-leaning poll. Golf clap?

The outlier had him at 51% as recently as Nov 21, 2018

Trumps base (which is largely who Ras polls) tend to hunker down and dig in when Trumps chips are down. This is not a shocker.

This is why…


FEBRUARY 11, 2019

Americans’ Confidence in Their Finances Keeps Growing"


  • 69% expect their financial situation to improve over the next year
  • Optimism about finances over the next year is almost at a record-high level
  • 50% say they are in better shape financially than a year ago


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Rasmussen is the only poll that gives Trump a positive approval rating.

OP, we get it, you love Trump.