52% Approval rating


Reuters has him at 38%.

Sounds like the RNCTitanic. Sinking fast.


Landline polling in the 21st century. Surprised they don’t use smoke signals.


Geez, do a poll and call a bunch of Fox News viewers and tell us that’s legitimate. 50 percent in your dreams.


They’ve progressed to morse code.


I wonder if Rasmussen had to sign a no disclosure form when he started working for
DooDoo Donny


Rasmussen is cool.


I just looked at a Rasmussen poll for 2016.

It looks like they correctly picked Clinton to win the popular vote. They also picked Hillary to win the electoral college. How is that predicting the election?

I could be misreading the chart. I’m sure you will point out if that’s the case.


Rasmussen jumps around too much. I wouldn’t trust a gauge like that at work without making sure it’s installed correctly.


Looks like the most accurate poll in 2016 (IBD - a right leaning firm for sure) has him at 39%.


I’d be curious, was Rush pushing this today on his show?

Usually approval ratings aren’t crowed about unless either the President himself or Rush peddles it.


Trump is cool…


It was on Drudge…


Ah, my bad, I forgot about Drudge.


So… He’s even up in CNN polling.


Like the other side of a big, soft pillow.


See yall next week when it drops again and the OP is nowhere to be seen until it breaches 50% again the next day. Up and down we go.


Its not nitpicking to even state rasmussen’s methodology is grossly inadequate.


Not really. According to this more people disapprove of him now than did in December


All that matters is election day 2020… By all means libs, keep banking on low polls to make yourselves feel good until then. It’s even sweeter for us when we get to see your jaws drop. AGAIN!!


The polls did not count electoral college result predictions.