52% Approval rating


Not as sweet as it will be for us the day Trump is hauled off to jail


As Trump knew…


He didn’t know *******


Trump thought he was going to lose


The OP is predicated on the idea of Trumpists using a poll to make themselves feel good.

Just saying.


You should be used to disappointment by now.

I can relate to that one though, Hillary is still un-encarcerated… :sob::sob::sob:


Not really. I know that I’ll have to wait until he’s out of office and the indictments are unsealed. The wait will just make it all the sweeter


Eh mueller has a better track record by a mile in indicting people in this case.


It was also Rasmussen 23 months ago. I get tht you don’t agree with Rasmussen, but unless you can show that their methods have recently changed, this is still an upward shift.
Recent attacks in the media…over everything…and it still is an upward movement.


Even if you don’t buy the 52%, what it does show is a dramatic move upward after his state of the Union message, where he managed to act like an adult for an hour while the major opposition leader sat behind him making silly claps.
Maybe he can get a message from this. I doubt it.


Waaaaay ahead of Obummer!


I would attribute this to the SOTU address last week. He gave a very good and likeable performance. Now if he could only continue to be that guy, and stay off Twitter, stay off Hillary, stay off Fake News, stay off witch hunt, stay off being a big bully, and work for the good of the people and only tweet about what he did that was good today. He might turn into a pretty good presidential person. But until then. He’s just a school yard bully calling all the other kids in the school yard names to make himself look and feel better.


Teump should win re election in a landslide then…


Its not a matter of agree or disagree, Rasmussen’s methodology is horribly out of date. Poor methodology is just that.


By whom is the question. Who is the survey representative of?


The election where Trump lost the popular vote?


This is nothing more than a State of the Union bump. He hasn’t done anything else since the shut down ended. It’ll drop back down, and will then be ignored when it gets back into the mid/low 40s.


Brings back memories of Trump touting online poll results…


Actually, I remember specifically that you, at one point during the election, dismissed Rasmussen when it showed Hillary ahead and you looked around for other polls.

Rasmussen is a funny beast for Trump and his followers. When it shows Trump doing well, they cite it. When it shows him doing poorly, polls are #FakeNews and they don’t get talked about.


Didn’t we find out he actually paid a company to rig those?

Rasmussen has been getting steadily less and less reliable and it makes me wonder…: