52% Approval rating


Good call. I didn’t think about that.

I set the zoom on my browser to 33% and I couldn’t tell the difference between the numbers at all.


That sounds like the logic of much of the right!


Whew. That’s comforting. I knew if I just waited long enough, somebody proficient in math would come along and help me understand how those numbers are very, very close to each other.


See? Now you can agree he’s at 52%


You mean foolproof I can only assume. :wink:


My granddaughter is learning Common Core math and this is how she taught me. I think. :man_shrugging:


Of course. Are they ever wrong?


Infallible through and through my friend.


In their own minds anyway.


Could even be 62 - just close off that little loop on the 5, and there you go.


Rasmussen, the same pollster that said R+1 on election day in 2018. LOL


A little more creativity and it could be 82%.

Trump would buy that


How insecure you must be, so content living in your little bubble being spoon-fed exactly what you want to hear.

Big boys deal in reality.


Of all the people I know under 50, I can barely think of ANY that have or use a landline anymore.

But most of their grandmas do! You know, the same crowd that buys highly overpriced gold coins.


Oh, this is a Rasmussen poll? That was probably a misprint. They likely meant his approval rating was 152%.


I know, right?


And from there you could even get to 82.


Damn, I didn’t read your post before I replied!


52 = Trump is Cool.


Is 50% less cool?

Because it dropped 2% overnight, apparently.