26 shot in 32 seconds: New details, videos released in Dayton mass shooting

Knives are also sexy! Guns are menacing at best.

Of course there was that brief spate of spoonings in the 90s when Hollywood shifted gears:


Ya can’t fillet a fish with a spoon.

Not with that attitude.


Yeah, the Konssurvative I knew from oh, about 8 posts ago, coulda done it.

Something’s changed, man. Something’s changed…

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But ya can’t get bones out with a spoon, and as Bart showed knives are sexier than spoons.

These threads are comical.

“Thing A is killing people. We should do something about it.”

“Oh yeah, well things B, C and D also kill people. We shouldn’t do anything about A.”


Think K simply takes bone out of fish. Doesn’t kill people although it could…

My favorite part is the posturing about how good different posters are at killing with thing A, and some of things B and C and sometimes D.

Good times.

It takes the least amount of thought.

Anybody who’s spent time on a slime line knows the value of spoons in cleaning fish.

Hence the discussion about cleaning fish. Its all about posturing…and so far no one has claimed they could do it faster than me…so I guess I’m the best filleter out there. My knives are better and i can fillet faster.

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We use them to remove scales.

Blood line, baby. Scooping out the blood line. Remarkably efficient.

I’m not gonna even think about going against you in the filleting business, though. Especially with a cigar in your hand.

Thing-A has a specific Constitutional provision about it.

The responses about things-B,C,D are to show the faultiness of an argument for “doing something about” thing-A.

Oh. I forgot.

“Thing A is in the Constitution. Killing with it is more protected than B, C and D. So we shouldn’t do anything about it.”

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When we fished Lake Michigan for salmon, my dad would cut the blood line, and I would scrape it out with my fingers. But i was a strange kid. Still love poking thru the stomach to find out what their eating. I’m 54.

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Absolute stupid statement.

Yeah but I can Fillet more fish with my knife than you can with your gun…so there you have it!

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I have a lot of respect for someone who can do good fillets.