26 shot in 32 seconds: New details, videos released in Dayton mass shooting

Okay, how fast can you guys hear the shots, figure out where they’re coming from, locate the shooter, get in position to shoot him and take him down?

Isn’t that the actual important question?

No, why should it be? Lot’s of other ways to kill people before anyone has time to react. If you want perfect safety, wrap yourself in bubble wrap and never leave your basement because that’s the only way to get it.

Everyone knows this is thread will be about everything but how quickly people can now be slaughtered.


“Can now”?

That firearm technology has been around for almost 120 years. It’s called a semi-automatic. Regardless of the aesthetics the left wants to criminalize…its this century old tech that really has your drawers in a wad.

That boy was slow.

Do tell…

I can fire a pump shotgun faster then that.


See what I mean. This thing will now be nit picked to death.


How many shells does a pump shotgun hold?

7 total. Mag capacity 6 and one in chamber. Unload in less the 4 second hitting all 7 different targets.

Tell what?

So you don’t want any replies then? The poster was right.

On the OP, I too am floored at the speed of the killings. I don’t the solutions to any of this but agree it was horrific.

That’s not fast. They didn’t all die.

6 round detachable mags all day long. R 870.

Faster than a knife would be… faster than a 9mm would be.

Uh no. In either case. A knife is much faster than a gun. 3 rounds a second with a pistol is fairly gettin’ it.

There is no solution. The mass slaughters will continue.

Sorry to bring a dose of reality to your illusions. You think the black plastic, a bayonet lug, or a pistol grip has any bearing on how fast the rifle can fire?

Carry on then.

You can stab 26 people in 32 seconds, in a Walmart?

No it isn’t. If you hear shots find the safest spot you can. Behind something, under something, or flat out run