26 shot in 32 seconds: New details, videos released in Dayton mass shooting

Now I’ve got a picture in my head of a burglar at the front door with a crowbar and the homeowner sneaking out of the house and ramming him with the car.

Might work, but I doubt the homeowners insurance nor the car insurance would cover the damage.

You don’t know what you’re talking about.

You can also load couple shells while you’re shooting as you’re moving between rooms or going from room to room.

00 buck is 12 shots per load with about 10 inch spread at 40/50 ft or so depending on barrel length.

So a flamethrower or a car isn’t as useful as a gun in single murders or self defense, but are more destructive in random killings.

So what tactical reasons might a gun be chosen anyway? Easier to acquire than a flamethrower, perhaps? You don’t need to construct a rifle the way you would an explosive device? Easier to enter a Wal-Mart carrying a handgun than driving a truck through the front door? Cheaper? Less skill involved?

Or is ii strictly because the entertainment complex makes guns look so much cooler than flamethrowers and trucks?


So we agree, there are tactical concerns that make them less viable as a means to defend in those situations.

Now then - why aren’t killers using flamethrowers, explosives, and trucks more often than they do guns in mass murders like we saw last week? Is it just because Hollywood makes guns look cool and the liberal press will give someone using a rifle more attention than they would a flamethrower because the liberal press has an anti-gun agenda, or are there practical/tactical reasons that a firearm would be easier, cheaper, and require less technical expertise?

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SneakySFDudeFlyover Country



7 total. Mag capacity 6 and one in chamber. Unload in less the 4 second hitting all 7 different targets.

6 round detachable mags all day long. R 870.

I can fillet 12 bluegill in 12 minutes…while drinking scotch and smoking a Fuente 858 Maduro.

Now that’s fast!

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Thank God Hollywood doesn’t glorify knifework!

No but I do. If my knife is really sharpened properly… I’m even faster!

Actual tactical reasons to use a gun in a mass killing instead? None.

The reasons are all psychological.


Secret footage of our Hannity mercenaries fading off:



Again, thanks for the reply.

Now with knives like that…i could clean some serious fish.

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Where’d everybody go? I was going to talk about filetting larger fish with bigger knives. Like salmon with an 8 inch fillet knife. But everyone’s gone.

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Going for some yellowtail on Saturday, maybe sneak up on some Bluefin/Yellowfin, but them are steaks!

I’m gonna need a bigger knife! Best of luck!

I think you won the thread.

I need it! Had some right trips lately.

I never win anything!

First time for everything.

Sorry, I was just thinking of all the mass stabbings that took place in the 80’s when Hollywood glorified knives: