2020 Election Fraud Thread (Part 2)

I’m having trouble finding the video but what I can gather from print is that the violations relate to a freedom of information request. They are alleging the FOI request was not serviced to the letter of the law.

There are some claims of election law violations thrown in there as well, but it all seems to be in the context of the election material handling within the FOI request.

I’ll be interested in watching the litigation, but if it turns out that all of the violations are coupled to the FOI request that is a separate issue from election fraud.

If the material was handled properly in the context of the election and any recounts/audits and mishandling only came into play within the FOI I would lean toward it being general bureaucratic resistance to FOI’s, but I would want a deep dive on the exact nature of the violations and what was destroyed/left off the FOI.

The trouble I have with interpreting these preliminary articles/claims is that there have been so many lies and bad faith activity on the fraud-claimers that I can not take their characterizations at face value.

I have not seen the same bad faith from people running the elections. So it leaves me to wait for the litigation to play out in a more truthful arena— the court.

Today’s the big day, isn’t it?

Where’s the “class action lawsuit” we were promised?

Interesting statement from Lauren Boebert


She says:

“It was clear from our conversation that the District Attorney is being responsible in his approach and conducting his work in as timely and professional a manner as possible, as well as providing local oversight of the FBI’s role.”

If this raid was payback or corruption I would not expect her to go out of her way and release a statement supporting the DA like this.

It is interesting to see a guy like Lindell who is smart enough to create a successful company to throw away millions on the big lie. What a sucker.

Mark Levin on his national show tonight added to the intrigue stating his own wife Julie Levin and lawyer working herself on PA Constitution matters. She gave both Bill McSwain a former Trump appointed prosecutor in Philadelphia and more importantly staffers in former US AG Bill Barr office finer details including an email sent by a female election official-coordinator to all county poll workers from Delaware County, PA . Seemed to be an acknowledgement of irregularities in mid November 2020 that she needed their assistance to bring with them certain data to correct mistakes from the general election that did jive with the voting machines. That too figures to also play out in court as well…

Going to court with what evidence? You guys seem to think that all of this evidence is going to start appearing now, a year after the election? IMHO any further talk of election fraud is only to fuel the election distrust engine enough to get some voter restriction bills passed and keep the drum beat of fraud going until the mid-term election.

When the MSM starts publishing facts is the only time those facts will begin to appear to their followers. Until then, those fact will not exist for their followers. For those outside the MSM bubble, many of those facts already “appear”.

And what facts are those? In over 60 court cases the Trump campaign lawyers had a chance to provide evidence of election fraud. They were incapable of doing that. And now you are going to say that it is the MSM fault? Come on Paul. You know better. Trump lost big time because it just isn’t as popular as you think he is. .

Everything that’s been presented in these case is an interpretation. The only fact presented is the vote count.

“So be sure to tune in tomorrow…same Bat time, same Bat channel!”

A video with people admitting on it their own criminal acts as well as doing some sounds pretty damning…

Do you have a link for that video? Thanks.

I saw this report.

We shall see who wins in court.

As you will note, the complaint “alleges” that this and that is shown. They can not say that it proves that anything illegal is shown. Remember you and the folks filling the suit are convinced that fraud took place.
So they are going to believe that everything they see and hear proves illegal activity. So far, there have been other videos that supposedly show illegal activity. And in all of those cases, the activity was mis-understood and easily explained. And as I have said before, why has it taken so long for this information to come out? Why wasn’t this stuff a part of the multitude of court cases after the election?

Some of us still have concerns.

Where as apparently you seemingly are among the crowd whose concerns about massive fraud have been already alleviated?

After a year, over 60 court cases and not one piece of verifiable evidence, it is pretty easy for me to say that I don’t believe that election fraud existed to the extent where it would have changed the outcome.

Why a lot more is not done here is probably best explained as most people in pivotal roles (law enforcement and judicial) to determine the truth no matter where it lands probably hope someone else will step up instead of themselves. Maybe you are among those in denial that bucking the system could result in a hefty price to pay? I imagine the wrath to most anyone who attempts to order up or conduct an investigation takes on significant risks related to their ability to earn future income/promotion potential.