2020 Election Fraud Thread (Part 2)

Polls only suggest that Biden is getting more unpopular by the week. Where as nothing I quickly see out there shows a downward trend for most people trending backwards with new audits like Joe.

I think the bolded captures the situation. A small fraction believe. The remainder of the movement is made up of non-believes making political gains and non-believers avoiding the kickback that comes by speaking out about it.

This forum is a good example of the scale. Almost none of the many R supporters/D haters venture into this thread or even bring up election fraud. They are not in this thread counter the movement, but in the weeks after the election many of them posted in the forum that they did not think Trump lost do to fraud.

I think the majority of the movement thinks that some amount of fraud did happen (and it was D’s who are unscrupulous so let’s have at election laws), but that the idea that more ppl voted for Trump is just partisan gamesmanship that hurts D’s, helps R’s and keeps the heat of them if the cross the believers.

Interesting how you try to make this point yet supposedly 85 million strong of Biden voters and precious few even now bother to come outside and let their voices be heard…

I don’t see your point. Voting is largely personal and passive. “Movements” are small but meaningful percentages of the electorate.

The 2020’election, like the 2016 saw a shift in the overall electorate and the engagement levels. The turnout in 2020 does not surprise me in hindsight. Trump is both inspirational and loathsome at the same time. and the electorate reponded.

Turns out the loathsome contingent exceeded the inspirational. Just barely. (2016 was th opposite, Hilary was more loathsome)

Biden is a footnote of this analysis.

Don’t confuse voting for Trump with “believing” that the election was stolen. That is a much much smaller constituency.

Face the facts, the outcome on its own is not evidence of fraud. It is evidence of preference.

Not really. Hillary still beat Trump by 2.8 million popular votes. Trump only won because he took three rust belt states by less then 1% each. It was a razor thin win. If those who thought that Hillary had it in the bag and didn’t vote had voted, she would have won.

I fail to see how an opinion poll in October, 2021 has anything to do with claims that there was consequential election fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

It was suggested that one should wait to see what the ninjas had to say after their audit. Well their report has come and gone and was a great disappointment to those claiming there was consequential election fraud. The time has come to call it quits and to accept the reality that Trump lost to Biden in the 2020 election. That Biden was the legitimate winner of the 2020 presidential election.

Also, the time has come for Trump to acknowledge that he came second in the EC votes and that he lost the popular vote by several million votes.

The definitive poll is the election. That occurred in November, 2020 and the winner was Biden. Rally numbers has nothing to do with who wins an election.

Clinton conceded.

Was that a question or a statement. Either way I fail to see how that relates to the claim that there was consequential election fraud in the 2020 election.

Clinton’s concession is factual.

How many votes did Clinton get in the 2020 election?

The audit findings strengthened #45’s initial claim that more than enough consequential fraud occurred across America to change the outcome. Arizona is merely one example…

Unwavering is President Trump especially with his claim that the 2016 election was rigged. So much so in fact remains that already built into an apparent, mounting campaign equation for a possible GOP Presidential run in 2024 is likely a lot more of the same…

How was “the 2016 election rigged”?

Surf the net, plenty there to unpack…

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Finding something on the net does not per se make it true. For example, one can find the claim that QEII is a reptilian.

It is an interesting claim that the 2016 election was rigged and thus raising questions about the legitimacy of Trump’s victory in 2016.

Clinton taking herself out wrapped 2016 with a bow on top of it.

Well, that’s because he’s nuts, but we’ve known that all along.

What’s gobsmacking is how many people still believe he’s some truth-teller.

So you are saying that Trump wasn’t legitimately elected in 2016?


Trump conceded.