2020 Election Fraud Thread (Part 2)

Totally really. The subpoena resistant and. agreement you reference is for the routers and computer logs.

This is not the material needed to further advance the truth about the address changes. These materials were already in possession of Cyber Ninja. They have the voter roles and ballot envelope images.

Some of the actions I suggested don’t even use protected material and can be pushed with public information.

Here is the crux of the matter. The professional forensic auditors ran the list of 2020 voters though a commercial database that attempts to know the address of everybody. There were 23,344 unmatched addresses. They broke down the result into 3 groups based on where the commercial database says they live. (In count, in state, out of state). That’s it.

With 23,344 votes seemingly in play, some people conclude that the election results are in doubt. BUT it is unlikely that 23,344 votes are in play Because there are several perfectly reasonable and expected circumstances for these differing addresses. Illegal voting is one possibility, but only out of many.

So now we have a period where some in the partially informed public are amplifying this number before waiting patiently for the truth… for the facts about how many of the 23,344 ballots are truly cases of illegal voting.

The audit could have whittle that number down in advance by performing additional checks on the registrations.

Much like a party invite people sometimes decline…

We are each entitled to our opinions. Arguing both sides against the middle that anything the auditors requested was not ALL okayed by the Arizona Senate is seemingly giving Maricopa officials a hall pass here.

As can law enforcement take what was already presented and do their own investigation just about anytime they please.

Now in Wisconsin there is a report that is a former Facebook employee who created an application to track who already voted so the one’s that did not yet could be targeted for no good.

You linked to a interview on a pro-Trump news network with a pro-Trump conspiracy theorist who did a audit paid for by pro-Trump supporters. And what he offers is speculation. Yeah, I know Nick that you will always believe that the election was rigged. But really, when are you going to admit that there really isn’t any evidence?

It does seem to be an extremely long bow to articulate the idea that it would be inappropriate to encourage people to vote.

So here we go again. A former Judge who admits that he doesn’t know how the process works. And it is being paid for by taxpayer money. The Republicans are going ahead and shooting themselves in the foot again.

The left always paints equal justice for all, when applied to them, as revenge. And lawfare against their opponents as “for the greater good.”

People here on this forum who suspect the election was rigged represent only a small fraction of a movement that will probably never relent. I suppose there will be some satisfaction when certain benefactors of this diabolic scheme including Biden are out of their offices but even that is too small a price to pay for what likely is a relatively few # of bad actors trying to do terrible things to our great country. Even sweeping losses in 2022 and 2024 does not excuse the damage already done here, but that will be better than nothing.

Yeah, that’s Trump trying to destroy our democracy.

We need more audits. This time Pima county.


I am getting this feeling that the point behind the audits is to have audits and to not determine reality.


We need audits in florida and Texas too because biden won those states also.

Montana, Idaho also.

Hell we need a full audit done by the cyber Ninjas of the entire election.

Can’t believe trump lost to biden.

It’s unheard of.


There are going to be a lot of “audits”.

It’s a long way to 2024.

Should the Republican Party be more worried about the 1 year away mid terms rather a year past election that was lost.


From the looks of it right now, the Republican party will do exactly as Trump wants.

Wait what??

This is just a ruse?

The problem with the audits is they only help Trump and Democrats. Trump can use them to keep his name in the public, to gin up rage and fleece his followers.

But it makes the Republicans doing it look like loons. It also hurts the chance for electing republicans as independents are turned off by the drama.

So good for Trumps pocketbook and Democrats. Let the audits continue!

From your keyboard to God’s ears.

…err, or monitor, as it were.

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