2020 Election Fraud Thread (Part 2)

Funny how this wasn’t the argument when paid factories in Eastern Europe were churning out false stories on social media to influence the 2016 election.

Then the argument was “Voters are too smart to fall for that”.

I wasn’t talking about the election there. :stuck_out_tongue:

Talking about the election - how about The Federalist article that recently broke outlining how Zuckerberg (and others) got in on the act.

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I agree.

We should remove money from politics.


Good idea. How do you propose accomplishing that?

On the topic of respect and truth, please give us your take regarding the auditor in charge Doug Logan of the Arizona audit and his interview with an OANN citing 23,344 mailed in ballots being received back after apparently being mailed out to “prior” addresses of all these voters. Again, leaving it up to the AG to follow up on this among other things or not…

Trump just now:

“Either a new Election should immediately take place or the past Election should be decertified and the Republican candidate declared the winner.”


I’m not going to watch your video, and this statement doesn’t make sense.

What “prior” addresses?

Yea he’s stable… What could possibly go wrong with him back in the Whitehouse…It would be 4 years of revenge…that’s it.

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One thing he talked about a lot was how in his second term he was going to pull the US out of NATO.

Mr. Logan explained that 23,344 ballots were apparently mailed out stale to people who had already reported moving out of that home, but still each one of them were sent back into election officials for processing with no updating the new address they currently reside at indicated or provided.

That seems quite unlikely.

Why would people who reported moving out of state been issued ballots?

Could it be that Mr. Logan is referring to absentee ballots - members of the military, or people temporarily living elsewhere during election season?

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These are all apparently ballots mailed out by the government without being requested.

NO mention of out of state movement either.

I myself have moved three times since being married, all within the same state but our division of motor vehicle updates to my new address for voting.

Yeah, he’s not nuts.

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I have already given my take. Maricopa election officials responded in part here:


They spell out several reasons that a voter may return a ballot received at a prior address. They sampled some names from the list and did not find ineligible voters in them.

I am hoping that the audit checks the remainder of these ballots against the election rules to derive mine the real number of ballots that require legal looking in to.

I wish Logan would explain why he chose not to do this in the audit.

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This assertion is not made in the report. The report simply says that matching the final voter role against a commercial address verification found 23,344 voters who had moved from the address to which their ballot was sent.

Where did you find the claim that the ballots were not requested?

Actually this is not correct. In the breakdown of these ballots the reports says that 6,591 were moves out of state.

A little nuts?

Pretty nuts.

Pretty ■■■■■■■ nuts.

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I had heard that a court denied the CN’s request to do door-to-door and telephone canvasing. The judge ruled that this kind of activity done by non-certified and non election officials could be deemed as harassment.
The more I see of the CN’s report and the county’s rebuff of their findings makes me wonder. Did the CN’s ever familiarize themselves with the county and state election procedures and laws? Do much of their speculation has been so easily disputed and debunked.


As a purely hypothetical, who would have won the 2020 presidential election if Trump had won Arizona?