2020 Election Fraud Thread (Part 2)

Wow. I really don’t know. And couldn’t even hazard a guess three years out.

But if you held a gun to my head. Buttiegieg. But don’t hold me to that prediction, strictly an amateur guess.


Here we go and the promised “report” is not even out yet… how embarrassing almost as if this “forensic” audit is a sham…

I thought of you westaussie when we all saw here yesterday how our President Biden introduces on screen Scott Morrison, the Australian Prime Minister.

Why not predict the incumbent?

I don’t think biden will run for re election in 2024.



And a succeeding war on human trafficking. That’s another war in which Xiden and Co have surrendered.

Here you go: Arizona 2020 election audit report due for public release Sept. 24

Wednesday’s scheduled meeting of the Republican-controlled Senate Intergovernmental Operations Committee is expected to include a vote on subpoenas for detailed information on who voted in last year’s presidential election, including their driver’s license number and the last four digits of their Social Security number. Pennsylvania law prohibits the public release of a voter’s driver’s license number and Social Security number information.

This is fine? They are going to gather all of this personal information and turn it over to a yet named person who will do what with it? For decades I have heard Republicans rally against such things. But now it’s okay? I believe that these Republicans will also pay the price for this madness.

It would be mildly noteworthy if that was the first time an incumbent USA president did not get the name of the Aussie PM correct. It is not the first time and to call it a storm in a teacup would give it more gravitas than is warranted.

We shall see if the interim report is released then or whether it will be another two weeks.

The answer to that request should be one word: NO.

Putting aside which political side of the isle you are associated with for a minute, people in general whether watching here in America, Down Under or anywhere around the world probably deep down have at least some concerns wondering if Biden is already in (significant) decline. The degree of his cognitive woes is something very few of us on the outside will ever get to know for sure. Timing is only temporary though. I imagine there will eventually be enough money hungry authors motivated to get new book deals out citing insiders-anonymous sources that will surely claim at least off the record to have seen for themselves how #46 really is…

Morrison leads a right of centre government that I hold in contempt.

Only those in the employ of the erstwhile Australian Murdoch and devotees of same subscribe to that position.

Refer back I prefaced to put political affiliations aside for a minute…clearly disease and medical diagnosis each one of us might be dealt remains neutral regardless to which side of the isle we subscribe.

In general, I would say that Aussies in general don’t buy into either the ridiculous claims that Trump lost the 2020 election because of consequential election fraud or the equally ridiculous claim that Biden does not have the mental wherewithal to do his job as the current president of the USA.

The phrase “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink” , especially with such easy assess to Fox News down under.

Just in time for the next President Trump rally too…

I have access to both Fox News and its mini-me cousin Sky News (Australia).

That links to a website that is not considered a safe site to access.

Putting aside that news outlets often attempt to put the adversary party they tilt against in a bad light, how do you process for yourself how poorly Biden frequently messes up especially while doing things in real time? For example, it seems like he has handlers who even cut his mic at times if 46 seemingly goes off script.