2020 Election Fraud Thread (Part 2)

No, Republicans in TX chose to audit only counties that Biden won. How is that the fault of Democrats?

Because that explanation “works for him”.


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It is some of the weirdest logic I have seen on the board to date.

Dems have been working against audits and are so powerful that even when Republicans have full control in Texas, they somehow managed to exert their pernicious influence forcing the Republicans to only audit counties Trump lost.

Never has this emoji been more applicable…:crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:

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I am discussing Arizona and what I said is spot on.

You were discussing Arizona in response to a question about Texas?

That’s odd. Why would you do that?

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Following the 2016 general election, many Dems particularly having official elected offices in Washington DC chose to expend significant resources on foreign interference concerns, including a $40 million investigation effort spearheaded by Mueller.

Now for 2020 general election, it’s the GOP whose focus leads the way and where instead it’s more of an effort on a local state level too.

Having our Congress people across America whether on a national or state level both seem to be totally appropriate. Particular circumstances typically dictate origin of audit inquiries and investigations no matter what party initiates.

P.S. Plenty of people are also probably perfectly okay in surmising why it is so there now so many more GOP Congress people involved this time around. For example, “choosing” to focus on respective cities captured by Biden being places where Dems mayor’s are also in office. This pattern potentially adds yet another level of intrigue.

This sound like a season of days of our lives. More intrigue. You guys will be typing these posts in 2023! Any day now!

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Very mysterious that Biden won in cities where Democratic mayors hold office. Quite the mystery indeed. Hope you guys crack the case!


Imagine it is still a mystery to many especially bleeding heart liberals how President Trump even got 74 million + votes in 2020. The truth will set us free no matter where these audits land up.

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Why is it a mystery? The voter turnout was: (Turnout as percentage of all eligible voters)
2016 = 59.2%
2020 = 66.7%
Which means that over 23 million more folks voted in 2020.


It’s only a mystery because the former president said it was. It’s not a mystery

Satire, another poster and I were poking fun about mysterious behavior is all.

Liberal here and I have no doubts about Trump’s 74M votes. No surprise there at all. The guy is immensely popular and is good at turning out his base.

When these third party fraudits find nothing new, the taxpayers are going to be pissed.
Please Republicans, keep up doing the big lie. And don’t be surprised when you get voted out.

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Well that’s made up.

There are multiple gun charges from Jan 6th.

one of them is a Trump supporter from Texas who threatened to murder family members if they turned him in.

Yep, this isnt some secret. Trump is the one claiming there were no guns and then we see his supporters repeat it without googling.

Then they get mad at me for pointing out the obvious.

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Too easy

Lack of Consistency is noted with you since it is Pretty obvious and sad how many Biden supporters are guilty of gun violence seemingly every weekend in especially Dems cities too.

Why do you assume they are Biden supporters?