$20 dollar bill

American money is hella boring

I think trump would get more criticism from his base then liberal for changing the bill

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I just checked my pocket where I store all of my “give a feces”…and it’s empty.


If it is not green, it is just Monopoly money . . .

Canadian money is looney. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldn’t diss those Loons, as one Bald Eagle found out the hard way. :smile:

How many loons died before this one got lucky?

He really does not want to do that. You know why.


I agree. But I did not know he is master of the money images.

I know.

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How do you guys get that maple syrup smell into yours?

you know why now

the white guilt movement is at warp speed

they’ll undo every aspect of american history as possible

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needs more pink. and women

nothing more racist than trump not giving in to changing money to pander to violent black leftists with their fists in the air


On a man with his hair in a bun. :wink:


Millions of Americans peacefully protesting are violent black leftists? :rofl:

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no. of course not

violent black leftists all across america are violent black leftists

i know “news” trips over themselves telling you they are “peaceful”.

good job believing!


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Yeah, violent black leftists. :rofl::rofl:

Both suspects are white chicks. :rofl::rofl:

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oh yeah a white idiot set fire

that erases all the black crime

Anyway, back to the OP. Yay or nay to put Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill?