$20 dollar bill

BLM raided and looted businesses in ferguson as well. Burned the city down along with their cohort, now terrorist, antifa.


The boogaloo boys are now Antifa, so I agree with you.

Take off Washington and Lincoln too. Who else on the money have been targets?

Yes, it did.

Jackson wouldn’t want to be on a Federal Reserve Note in the first place.

But any dude whose Presidency ends in an economic collapse and the Trail of Tears is not an American hero.

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While we are at it, put Running Antelope back on the $5 bill. He appeared on the 1899 series $5 Silver Certificate, but would work for a Federal Reserve Note.


Anyone not happy with their $20 bills can send them to me for proper disposal.

I’ll even buy them from you for $5 apiece.


The boogaloo movement!!!




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You know like 3 boogaloo people have been arrested on terrorism charges, and 2 others for murder?

I know like, the meaning behind that word, and how hilarious it is that some pissant group is using it. :wink:

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That’s what he said … pandering.

What difference should that make? It was already decided. Why hold it up?

Yep. Tubman worked for the Union Army, first as a cook and nurse, and then as an armed scout and spy. She was the first woman to lead an armed expedition in the war, guiding the raid at Combahee Ferry, which resulted in the liberation of more than 700 slaves.

Any way you look at it, she is more worthy than Margaret Sanger, Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosa Parks or Wilma Mankiller.

Another good choice though would have been Clara Barton.

Nah, it should be Harriet Tubman, period.

The music/dance genre?

Anybody else feel like 4chan has slowly been weaponizing the mentally unstable? With incels, and now this boogaloo thing.

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Yeah, kind of like Pelosi, Schumer and their pals donning the colorful robes and genuflecting (kinda)?

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Why? Are you suggesting that a woman has to be black to be considered? That’s more than just a little bit racist, don’t ya think?

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Women have appears on currency before. Here is “Electricity Presenting Light to the World”.

Wardrobe malfunctions included.

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4chan is another boogeyman, certainly. They’re known to scare mentally unstable libs to hell and back with mere pranks.

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…and give libs another reason to whine about…say…he used the wrong picture or some other lame reason to light their hair on fire, yell at the sky and find some other excuse to just whiiiiiine. :sunglasses:

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