1am search. warrant. Innocent woman dead

Cops execute a warrant at 1am. One homeowner shoots at the cops (he license to carry). Innocent woman died. No body cams. Homeowner charged with attempted murder. Woman’s family suing

As far as I’m concerned the cops are guilty. They should be locked up. No body cam equals guilty in my A Kentucky EMT was shot and killed during a police raid of her home. The family is suing for wrongful death - CNN


The judge needs to be looked at as well. This 1 AM ■■■■ needs to stop. Mon-Fri 9:00 to 6:00.


“At the time of the raid, officers knocked several times and announced they were police with a search warrant, Lt. Ted Eidem, of the police department’s Public Integrity Unit, said in a news conference March 13.”

I’m sure the police can back this claim up with bodycam footage.

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Oops…no cam equals guilty

The American Injustice System has drifted into failure.

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Agreed. Why did they say they did not have body cams? I would have done the same thing. Anybody who kicks down my door in the middle of the night gets shot.

So reading the article, the boyfriend had a license to carry and they didn’t plan for that? The woman was an EMT worker? No body cam? Someone needs to go to prison and it isn’t the guy that thought he was defending his girlfriend.

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Big mistake not having camera footage of the incident.

Appears officers gave the couple in the home a chance to open the door so they could execute their search warrant. They announced their identity as police and stated their purpose.

When no one answered, they entered forcibly. I’m sorry the EMT lost her life.

Why is her family not casting any blame on the boyfriend? Carry conceal permit or not, what officers don’t fire back when they’re the targets?

This whole thing stinks. They had already arrested a suspect. What was the point of the raid? Heads need to roll over this. The CCW holder had every right to fire. They are charging the victim with the crime because they screwed up and can’t admit it.



What person doesn’t shoot when somebody kicks down the door? What do you expect him to do? Since the police claim they did everything by the book except turning all of their body cams on, who should we believe?

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Anyone here make their best decisions 1 minute after waking up?

Nope. Idiotic for cops to put people’s lives in danger with this stupid tactic. Use if for murderers only.

Except that those kicking down the door had previously announced themselves as police officers executing a search warrant.

Firing at a police officer = suicide by cop. His partner was killed in the crossfire. Why is her family not suspicious of the boyfriend in this?

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Says who?

And I saw Bigfoot but the camera’s battery died.

Could you move this thread to the 2nd Amendment forum please.

Thank you.

Apparently this was a warrant that did not require a knock on the door to execute. Breonna Taylor and her significant other did not have prior arrests or known connections with narcotics.

In any instance a search warrant was issued. Besides not knocking at the door at 1 AM, what is usual police procedure for execution of a search warrant, whether or not there is adequate reason to issue?

It’s issued. Will assume it must be carried out. Without camera footage, Louisville police may not have a leg to stand on in court.

Of course it didn’t. That needs to stop.

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How do you know this to be true? Because the police said so? The same police that weren’t competent enough to turn on their body cams before executing a no-knock raid in the middle of the night? You take THEIR word but cast blame on the boyfriend?