10 year old raped, but at least no freedoms were lost

As I said they are in limbo. And as well over 90% will fail to show for their hearings, they will fall from limbo back to deport on site. That is why it is limbo.

Ok, they might not be legal. But they also aren’t illegal, right?

They are just immigrants awaiting a final decision. If that’s what you mean by limbo, I agree.

Are you sure?

Actually they are illegal immigrants hoping that we will look the other way and not deport them when they fail to achieve a determination of legal residency.

We just established they aren’t illegal. Now you are back to saying they are?

No, you said they weren’t illegal aliens. In my view they are still illegals that your side are aiding and abetting to illegally enter the country.

Correct, I said that. However they aren’t illegal at that point. Is someone on a visa illegal too?

Stop trying to move the goal post now. They are illegals in limbo. They hope they will slip by being deported. Your side is aiding and abetting their violation of our immigration laws. This is nothing but a Cloward Piven style orchestrated immigration crisis. You all hope to overwhelm the system and the country.


They can’t be illegals because they are not here illegally. The process that keeps them here is a legal process.

Do you not understand that basic concept?

They are not all arrested. It also includes temporary detainment.

Correct, some go straight to the asylum process. Some get turned around.

And some get left where they were stopped.

Cloward Piven immigration crisis.

You are welcome to move here, get elected and fix these issues.

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You really need to go back and listen to what he said again.


Might clear that up.

from Telemundo Reporter Confirms: Alleged Rapist Is In ‘Domestic Relationship’ With 10-Year-Old Victim’s Mother | The Daily Wire

Telemundo Reporter Confirms: Alleged Rapist Is In ‘Domestic Relationship’ With 10-Year-Old Victim’s Mother

Ummm, yes they are. This is what open borders looks like to the left, a pile of ■■■■■■■■ excuses as to why they’re not really.

A democrat goes to Home Depot, loads up a lawnmower from the sidewalk in front of the store and takes off. Officer pulls him over a mile down the road. Democrat screams, “But it’s not stealing, it wasn’t inside the store!”

Another victory for Lib compassion!!!

A 12 year old finally chewed her restraints away after being held captive for a week by an illegal alien who had been deported once and came back!! Then authorities found 2 dead bodies in his property!!!

Poor Asylum seeker :cry::cry::cry:! Having to come all the way to the US to molest and kill children because he’s oppressed in his own country.

Thanks Libs for giving him a chance in our country to pursue his dreams!!