10 year old raped, but at least no freedoms were lost

I can’t find where he is an illegal immigrant. Not saying that he may not be… just I don’t see anything that says he is.

This one?

That would be the one…Thanks!

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I thought this was going to be about the pregnant 10-year-old from Ohio being taken out of state to get an abortion.

Nope, it’s about Lib culpability in every crime committed against innocent Americans, especially children, because of their moronic support of open borders and belief that no one should be held accountable for their actions.

I would bet this guy was deported and re-entered under Trump.

Based on what? Your hatred of Trump?


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If he can assume it was the fault of libs… then I can assume the opposite. Right?

Was it Trump policy to encourage illegal immigration?

What was the dem response to the policy of more border controls?

No, and it isn’t Biden’s either.

Depends on the type. Dems did not support the wall. Or title 42. But did support adding more tech and agents. Adding more judges to help with the asylum backlog.

Yes, it is. In his own words. And you know it.

Another lie.

To process them in.

Quote it

Or out.

You’ve had it handed to you on a silver platter 100 times. Get honest.

They’re not. Your numbers are token.

Conservatives want the border secure, illegals rounded up and deported or jailed.

Libs want open borders and no one rounded up or jailed. You guys don’t want anyone in jail evidently.

You guys invite them in and let them do whatever the hell they want. They don’t even have to be vaccinated and you’re shipping them all over the country at tax payer expense. Of course, young professional tennis players in the prime of health and who would be playing tennis far away from the safe distance zone arbitrarily made up by your overlords can’t enter our country still,but illegals?? No vetting, no vaccine requirement, no way to support themselves?? Well, bring them in by the hundreds of thousands a month and give them everything for free…

For all you guys hated Trump, you’re sure doing everything possible to get him re-elected!

Yes, you can assume anything you like. But I asked you what you based your assumption on. The only thing I can see backing you up is your hatred of Trump.