10 year old raped, but at least no freedoms were lost

Rejoice Libs! A 27 year old man here illegally from Guatemala raped and got a 10 year old girl pregnant! Isn’t that wonderful? It’s a good thing we have an open border and don’t deport or jail people who are just taking advantage of their right to freely enter and abide in our country at will. After all we’re only talking about ONE MEASLY 10 YEAR OLD who was violently attacked and life ruined by a career criminal. It’s not like she was murdered like Kate Steinle was by ANOTHER illegal alien with multiple arrests. And at least she didn’t die of a fentanyl overdose brought in by others who are partaking of their rights to enter our country. YES! Thank God we no longer offend, refrain or hinder people from their right to be here like that big meanie Donald Trump did!

Yes sir. Another victory for freedom!

Now mask up, election time is coming you know and we wouldn’t want freedom loving people to miss their next oppprtunity to vote because they might get Covid on Election Day. Better get those absentee ballots in the mail right away!

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Did the rapist have his health care paid for, flown to Ohio by Mayorkas and get his free i-Phone…
…or should I get really mad?


When did he cross?

Where can I find out?

Let me know when you do

Why is it you think Mayorkas doesn’t provide that information?

I dont understand these types of posts. There are plenty of born and bred Americans who commit horrific crimes against children.

Does somehow being an illegal immigrant make a crime more reprehensible than if it was committed by an American citizen or someone here legally?

Yes, it does. We don’t get an opportunity to vet American citizens to see if we want them.


Gotcha glad to know that if it was an American that raped a 10 year old girl we would all be relieved that at least it was not a dirty filthy immigrant who had sex with her and count our blessings she was raped by a red blooded patriotic American.


This source says he moved to Columbus in 2015.

Thank you. May be we will know when he actually crossed since it seems to be of import to some.

Todd Rokita who is an embarrassment to Indiana is loving this case. He is all over the media bloviating about his relentless pursuit of truth. Hope he is sued successfully into oblivion by Dr. Caitlin Bernard for defamation.

Agreed on this front, the man is a buffoon.

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Sorry what’s the basis for the defamation accusation?

When doesn’t matter. And he has admitted to having sex with her at least twice. And the child just turned 10, so she was probably 9 when the first sexual exploitation occurred. Personally I vote don’t deport, just make his identity and crime well known and drop him into general population.

Rokita called her an abortion activist acting as a doctor.

I doubt it will happen or be successful but one can hope.

So if he was an immigrant that had been vetted and had a green card that would also make the crime more less reprehensible.

Seriously mate….

I agree with the last part though i have other ideas on what should be done to child rapists but regardless it’s not my concern when he crossed, it’s the people who automatically lay the blame at the feet of their opposition. That’s why i asked the question.

Ah. Thanks. I don’t think that’s defamation. He does sound fun though :man_facepalming:

I agree. The only person to blame for this crime is the piece of ■■■■ who did it.

For the sake of the little girl and her family the last thing they need is for their tragedy to be politicized.