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WHAT NOW? Chuck Schumer Says Mueller Report Proves Trump Not Working for ‘Middle Class’ Americans (1)
SEKULOW ON HANNITY: Mueller’s Final Report ‘Completely Vindicates’ President Trump (1)
TOTAL DENIAL: Rep. Nadler Dismisses Mueller Report Because 'Lots of People Destroyed Evidence’ (2)
IT BEGINS: Ocasio-Cortez Says It’s Lawmakers’ ‘Responsibility’ to Investigate ‘Obstruction’ Charges (1)
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REPORT: Joe Biden to Announce 2020 Presidential Campaign NEXT WEEK (1)
CRENSHAW UNLEASHED: Dan Crenshaw RIPS Dems Upset Trump ‘NOT THE VILLAIN’ in Russia Probe (1)
IT BEGINS: Adam Schiff Formally Invites Mueller to Testify, Says Public ‘Deserves the Facts’ (1)
CORY’S CONSPIRACY: Booker Says DOJ Posted ‘Unsearchable’ Version of Mueller Report So It’s ‘Harder to Read’ (2)
COLLUSION DELUSION: Pelosi, Schumer SLAM the Attorney General’s ‘Partisan’ Mueller Report (3)
ROVE ON HANNITY: Barr Report Just the Beginning, Dems Will Continue Mueller Madness ‘For Months’ (1)
BOLTON ON VENEZUELA: White House Working Towards First ‘Completely Free Hemisphere’ in Human History (1)
DE BLASIO’S NYC: New York City’s Population DROPS for the First Time in Over Ten Years (1)
DEMS IN DENIAL: Chuck Schumer SLAMS Barr’s ‘Slanted’ Report, Says Mueller Must Testify (1)
CHAOS IN CHICAGO: ‘Hundreds of Teens’ Take Over Downtown, Ignore Police, Fight in Streets (1)
SOLOMON ON HANNITY: New Questions Raised on Those Who Launched Russia-Trump Investigation (1)
READ THE REPORT: AG Barr Releases Mueller Report, Read the Findings HERE (1)
CORY’S CONSPIRACY: Booker Says Voting Rights ‘Under Assault,’ Multiple ‘Elections Stolen’ (1)
DEVELOPING: Suspect with ‘Gas Cans’ Arrested Trying to Enter NYC’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral (1)
TRUTH AND JUSTICE: Project Veritas BEATS Lawsuit Over Secret Footage of Teachers Union Officials (1)
WATCH LIVE: Attorney General Barr Holds Press Conference on Final Mueller Report (1)
DEVELOPING: AG Barr, Rod Rosenstein to Hold 9:30AM Press Conference on Mueller Report THURSDAY (1)
MUELLER WHO? Pelosi Says Americans More Concerned About ‘Kitchen Table Issues’ than Russia Report (2)
‘STATE OF EMERGENCY’: Arizona City Declares Crisis, Says ‘Overwhelmed’ by Illegal Immigration (2)
AOC ERUPTS: Ocasio-Cortez TRASHES US Justice System That ‘Targets Race’ and ‘Criminalizes Poverty’ (1)
BETO-MANIA: O’Rourke Says ‘Green New Deal’ Will Require Same ‘Sacrifice’ Made by US During WWII (1)
CORY BOOKER: Pro-Life Legislation Only Advances ‘Schisms and Differences’ Between Americans (1)
PARADISE LOST: Starving Venezuelans Compete with Vultures, Animals for Brazil’s Excess Garbage (1)
HANNITY: AOC Claims There’s ‘SO MUCH’ to Impeach Trump, Struggles to Name a Reason (1)