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IT BEGINS: San Francisco to Allow ‘Non-Citizens’ to Vote in Local Elections (1)
OCTOBER SURPRISE: New Undercover Video Set to Rock NORTH DAKOTA Midterm Race (1)
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GEORGIA DEM CANDIDATE: I’m ‘SICK AND TIRED’ of Hearing About ‘Free Market’ Solutions (1)
ACOSTA UNHINGED: CNN Reporter Accuses Trump of ‘Demonizing Immigrants,’ Warns of Russian Meddling (1)
ESCAPE FROM SF: New Tech Company Helps Residents ‘FLEE SAN FRANCISCO’ (2)
MADDOW MELTDOWN: MSNBC Host Compares Trump’s Tweets to 1922 ‘KKK Pamphlet’ (1)
IMMIGRATION INSANITY: Democrat Senator Says US Should ‘Help’ Caravan, ‘Protect’ Migrants (1)
TRUMP: I May Nominate Hillary to Supreme Court So She Can ‘FINALLY' Be Investigated (2)
REPORT: Migrant Caravan Includes Countless ‘Previously Deported’ Immigrants (1)
NANNY STATE: UK Government Bans the Phrase ‘FAKE NEWS’ (1)
2020 VISION? Kamala Harris Stumps in Iowa, Slams GOP ‘Vision’ for America (1)
RAGE: Vandals Hurl ‘BOULDER’ Through House Majority Leader’s Office Window (1)
NECK AND NECK: GOP Candidates Lead Dems By ONE POINT in 69 Key Races (3)
BERNIE'S BETRAYAL: Sanders Says US Military Routinely ‘STARVES AND BOMBS’ Children (3)
LONE STAR MAGA: Trump Heads to Texas to Stump with Cruz, Calls Beto ‘Highly Overrated’ (1)
Trump, the Blue-Collar President (1)
MAY DAY: British Prime Minister Vows to ‘Press Ahead’ with ‘Soft’ Brexit Deal (1)
‘MOB’ MENTALITY: Top Dem Says ‘MOB’ Same Term Used by ‘Segregationists’ in 1960s (2)
THE BLAME GAME: LA Mayor Says DC Responsible for California’s Homeless Crisis (1)
CARAVAN CHAOS: Migrants Call Trump ‘ANTICHRIST,’ Say President ‘Going to Hell’ (2)
LOW EXPECTATIONS? Bernie, Perez Downplay Potential ‘BLUE WAVE’ for Midterms (1)
FREE MONEY! Cory Booker Unveils Plan to Give Poor Americans $50,000 (1)
CARAVAN CHAOS: Trump Calls Caravan ‘NATIONAL EMERGENCY,’ Notifies Military (1)
GREAT AGAIN: Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania, Ohio Post RECORD SETTING Job Gains (1)
SEN. WARREN: DNA Test Meant to Rebuild ‘TRUST IN GOVERNMENT’ (1)
HOMELAND SECURITY: US ‘Closely Monitoring’ Migrant Caravan for Cartels, Gang Members (1)