DE BLASIO DEFLECTS: NYC Mayor Blames Big Apple CHAOS on ‘Bad Luck’

Originally published at: DE BLASIO DEFLECTS: NYC Mayor Blames Big Apple CHAOS on ‘Bad Luck’ | Sean Hannity

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio deflected fierce criticism of his administration’s handling of a mild November snowstorm Friday; blaming the total chaos on “bad luck” and unreliable weather reports.

The prominent Democrat was speaking with NY1 when he was asked to respond to furious residents after the normally congested evening commute took some locals 12 hours to travel just four or five miles.

“There are definitely some things we need to learn from this and things we need to do better,” admitted the mayor. “But it’s also important to note we got just about every form of bad luck we could have gotten yesterday. The weather service reports changed radically yesterday.”

“I can’t remember that happening previously in the middle of what seemed to be a normal day,” said de Blasio on the sudden closure of the George Washington Bridge during rush hour. “That really threw everything off. That had a horrible, extreme reaction on the entire city.”

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De Blasio is still deflecting…

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio deflected growing criticism of his handling of safety and security in the city’s subway system; saying residents are “resilient” when asked about the rise of riders being shoved onto the train tracks.

“Subway pushings… They’re more frequent, they’re on the rise. What do you say to New Yorkers who are afraid to use the subway?” asked one reporter.

“I’m real concerned… We have to make sure that New Yorkers can go and use the subway and know that help will be there,” said the Mayor. “We continue to expand our mental health efforts. We have to find people and get them help… We need medical intervention.”

“New Yorkers are strong, resilient folks. We know that we can overcome anything. People should know that we’re going to keep people safe,” he added.