YouTube + The LGBT= Political Correctness

Has anyone else seen the commercials that the Liberal biased media
YouTube is pushing onto people now?

It’s not every time you click on a song, but probably around 1 out of every 3 at least, it has commercials for Gay Pride, and to support the LGBT.

Just another way to brainwash Americans slowly over time. Simply put a Liberal point of view over and over again, on mainstream Liberal sites like Google, YouTube, Facebook, and make sure that in searches you put less Conservative based ideals.

Then stop watching YouTube. You are free to avoid it in many ways.

Knock yourself out…

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Don’t watch then. Who cares?

Best thing for God-fearing heterosexuals to do is stay off the internet, not consume any entertainment coming out of Hollywood, and avoid all modern music, literature, fashion, art, food, travel, people, media, and reality.

It’s the only way to be safe.


Should people stop going on Facebook also, or doing Google searches also just because Liberal Media sites suppress Conservative speech also then?

These sites push out smaller sites that are their competitors for a reason. So everyone must go to the their sites.

It’s ridiculous to tell people to stop talking to their loved ones via Facebook, simply because it’s a Socialist Democrat corrupted Media outlet that the Politicians ultimately control, because they have the owner Mark Zuckerberg in their back pocket, as one of their donors.

In other words Democrats are Discriminatory against White male Conservatives, and we have no rights?

Straight White Conservative Christian Males are the

in America
in Our

Stay strong, fellow straight white males. The night is always darkest before the dawn. In the meantime, avoid all youtube - it brainwashes you into tolerating the gayz.


Yes. You are free to have an opinion and act on that opinion. Even if it is unfounded.

Tell me exactly how FB and Twitter push out smaller social networks? What actions do they take?

Yea that’s it. The tears are so delish.

As a woman, you simply don’t understand the hellish persecution and burden being a man in America is.

Compounded by being white, and straight, and Christian. Has there ever been a demographic so abused, persecuted, and oppressed? I THINK NOT

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So, what would you like the government to do about it?

Cry for me, Argentina.

Everybody hurts…sometimes.

(But no one like straight white males in America)


just YouTube? Facebook, and Google push it also.

With that logic, doesn’t that mean we should stay away from those outlets as well?

you should stay away from everything.


One option is that they simply buy them out.

Another would be to destroy them in other ways.

Common people! It’s politics! Use your imaginations on how corrupt it is???

It’s the only way to be safe. Find a bunker, subsist off plain oatmeal, whole milk (NOT HOMOgenized, because HELLO) and unspiced meat (salt, pepper, and spices are flamboyant seasonings the Devil uses as the Gateway to Gay), watch only movies and read only books made before 1957 (although you have to be careful, some of those are subversive gay/communist propaganda), and stay hermetically sealed off from the world until this whole gay jihad blows over. :wink:

We pray for the return of REAL men in this country. (Mild language warning on the video, but it will only offend gay feminazi leftists):


Honestly, enough is enough Democrat Media, and Democrat Politicians! Conservatives dislike complaining, or whining and are usually very proper people, but when you go to far, there are limits, and when you’re being racist and sexist against Republican men and women in this country, simply for your Political Correctness reasons, then you can call it whining, you can call it whatever you want! but at the end of the day, it aint right, and the American People know it.

**Why is it that if a Minority is attacked in this country, it’s ok for them to say something, and fight back, and get attention for it, but if the exact same thing happens to a Republican Minority, the Liberal Fake News Media doesn’t care, and it doesn’t matter? **

Why is it that if a woman is discriminated against that is a Democrat then it’s national headline News, but it’s ok for Liberal Activists to harass Republican Women, and Republican Minorities calling them traitors to their races, and sex?

Where is the honor in that?

Where is the equality in that?

Owe wait! there is none! It’s called a Double Standard! and Being “Democratically Politically Correct”! And Americans are sick and tired of it for two major reasons!

1. It’s immoral, and 2. It’s Illogical.

So People should stay away from Social Media if they don’t want a biased point of view then?

Agreed. Facebook, Google, and YouTube are the devil.