Your prediction. Who will the Dem candidate be and why

I assume its because where in the Army and are a cowboy?

Close. I was in the Army when I created it and I’m a Dallas Cowboys fan. Same name I was using on a Dallas Cowboys forum at the time.

I agree with Zan, you got a weird imagination.

And even if she was fat, none of my business.

This opera ain’t over till the fat lady sings.

You really can’t get enough of her. :joy:

Are you ever going to let Republicans forget Trump?

At least you get that part about Trump.

I’m forcing myself to tune into tonight’s Democrat debate off and on. I can only watch a few minutes at a time before I feel my brain cells start dying. Dems are in big trouble…

Fortunately, turning over to Trump’s rally reverses the damage!


You’re welcome. Trump Rallys reverse political correctness too.

Trump rallies also lower IQs

It’s a little like Pocahontas, don’t you think? … except from a totally different perspective. :wink:

That makes no sense. I explained earlier in this thread what my screen name meant. Why do you feel the need to call me out and personally attack me? I’ll PM my real name and address to you.

Lighten up Nancy, I’m just funning you. :stuck_out_tongue:

After last night’s debate, I learned absolutely nothing new. They went back and forth ridiculously over the culinary union, they interuppted each other constantly, attacking each other instead of coherently presenting a vision. No change in my opinion, Bloomberg will win the nomination because he has the money to continue to the end. Any Dem not going to vote for him if he does get the nomination?

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Suggestion. Technically, you vote for electors, not Presidential candidates.
The Democrats should spend all of their money on Congressional races.
For President, the should just have a Democrat Party position of the party and state that their position is anti Trump. If they win, they promise to go search for a good President…somewhere.

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Good Democrat President? That’s becoming more and more an oxymoron.


We haven’t had a decent democrat in the WH since Kennedy.

…and he wouldn’t get elected with today’s party.